Monday, October 15, 2007

a visit to the imported pumpkin patch

imported straight from my computer to you
here's today's postcard - a little pumpkin patch i thought my son would like.
i heard on the news over the weekend that the drought here is so bad that they are importing pumpkins from hither and yon (that means outside the berg LOL) to supply our pumpkin patches.
whodathunkit huh?
yes, Pumpkinville is bringing in pumpkins for the season. I usually get a pumpkin or two - we really like carving pumpkins round this house. I will have to dig out pics of some of our creations from past years - i know i've got photos of them all. (course i promised a pic of that dinosaur costume and haven't dug that out yet... i'll work on that).
Oh - the stamp for this is by Stampworks I believe. I used prismacolor pencils and mineral spirits with a tortillon.


Joan Y said...

Tracy! Seeing your postcards and pics is like being in a candy store ... another treat every which way I look!

June Houck said...

Beautiful coloring on this postcard. It looks so rich and warm. Love it!

Jean said...

I love love love this!

I also love carving pumpkins--but one year I painted one--just like the genie in the Disney film Alladin--it was so fun!

Amy said...

Gorgeous job with the coloring!

Lisa Renéa said...

Super fab coloring here! It's gorgeous, George!

Babsarella said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! The colors are striking!!! One of my favorites!!!

lauren said...

oooooooooooh gorgeous pc...gorgeously (is that a word?!) colored!!! love, love, LOVE it!

and yes please--pumpkin pics, for sure! (and dinos!!!)

Donna Layton said...

I remember the first time you did MCPT with this stamp and it took my breath still does. Also makes me want to do MCPT...I can even smell the fumes!! Love that smell.