Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm runnin the gamut here folks

I've been trying to catch up on some things -
in this case blog business.
I've had another lovely award bestowed upon me -The Creative Blogger Award - by the talented and most creative Joan - whose blog Drawing on Nature is a daily treat for me. So I shall pass along this award to others whom I feel "bring unique and creative elements to their blog":
  1. Barbara - Smith 411
  2. Donna - Under The Red Roof
  3. June - Simply Elegant Paper Crafts
  4. Jean - Snap Out of it Jean! There's Beading to be done!
  5. Lauren - http://llaurenb.blogspot.com/
Now ladies you should post your award to your blog and pass it on to 5 other Creative Bloggers!
To find out more about this award you can check out http://www.writersreviews.com/2007/07/writers-reviews-blogger-awards.html

Let's see what else - oh yeah!
A friend has started a blog - you should check out Amy at Pickled Paper Designs
(Hi Amy!)
And I have yesterday's postcard to post:

As i wrote to my son on the back of this one - there was a crooked house - well at least some crooked windows. I really need to sit down and make a batch when I'm not in such a hurry! Regardless - these are also Green Pepper Press stamps. I didn't do them justice here.I shall try again soon.

And now we come to postcard #38 - today's entry. The leaf stamp is from PSX . i used 5 different StampinUp! inks - i think it's definitely better in real life - the colors are really very pretty. I'm trying to get that fall feelin (despite the fact yesterday we hit over 90 degrees. today they're predicting around 80 degrees. And Thursday it should be just under 70 - i'm hoping the weather folks are right!)


Babsarella said...

Beautiful postcards!!! Thanks for the thinking blogger award!!!

Donna Layton said...

The leaves look great in the scan. You are so good at that overlap stamping. I've never been good at that. I also like the crooked windows. It looks like thats how you meant for it to be. Looks rustic.
Thank you for the creative blog award. I'll try to be smart enough to get that blog button in my post. We'll see.
I'm sorry I'm so behind. Way, way behind.

Linda M said...

I love the house. All those crooked windows...reminds me of the nursery rhyme, "There was a crooked man." I guess he lives there. Great work!

Also, I tagged you as thinking blogger because I love your stories. Check it out at my blog.

June Houck said...

I love the crooked windows! And those bricks...so cool. Looks like you meant to do it that way...some old historic building or something, kwim? Of course I love the fall leaves; my favorite time of year.

June Houck said...

Ohhh, forgot to thank you for the award!

Amy said...
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Amy said...

I love your postcards! And thanks for the plug for my blog. You're a sweetie. I started to post last night, but deleted it when I saw my profile picture staring at me from the comment. Yuck. Need to get that off.

Will said...

You certainly deserve all the awards you have recieved and then some! I love lurking about your spot, and envy your son's reciept of those great postcards.

Sue McGettigan said...

Ooh I'm loving the leaves - such gorgeous colors!

lauren said...

LOVE the leaves!!! (i *have* that stamp & i've NEVER made it look as cool as that! ...sigh...) looooooove the crooked windows!!!

i do hope DA BOY is putting these inna book or onna ring or...something...all together! i can just imagine these being a precious family heirloom someday!

(ps: awwwwwwwwww THANKS for pickin' my blog, i am totally honored!!!) :)

Jean said...

AWARD! a great award! you rule!!!

I love your sweet loveliness, for awarding me with this terrific award! whoo hoo!!! xox

Donna Layton said...

Look....I totally forgot about this. Someone gave me an award today and I thought it was the first one I ever got!
HEY! Why didn't you give me the Thinking Blogger Award????