Thursday, October 04, 2007

I should quit while I'm ahead (but you know that ain't happenin)

I am really a paper, glue and scissors girl.
through and through.
i also like using my sewing machine - as you saw in the previous post.
And i adore using my stamps.
however for a long time now i've wanted to try doing some digital stuff.
just to see if i could do it for one thing. I have tried a little here and there and i just didn't get it. i'm happy i have figured out how to resize images to post them you kwim?
but i've seen so many great examples lately - for instance my friend Linda has been doing these digital ATC's - very cool. I thought hey - that might help me with my Postcard project. I want to draw some of my postcards soon but why not try a few digi postcards.
So here's Postcard 33 - my first attempt

now you see how basic i'm goin? i believe there are 4 layers LOL but it's a start. when i have a little time to fool with it some more i'll try another.
I did promise myself no matter what i do for these postcards I'm gonna post it. They're not sposed to be great art (although i might surprise myself one day and do something really nice LOL). They're more of a way for me to tell my son i love him and am thinking of him daily as well as getting to play with anything that is handy. keep my hands dirty so to speak (with ink, paper, pens and anything else that's not 3 dimensional... much to my dismay... i like 3D)
With that said - i give you postcard #34
It's a bit hideous.
I like to think i'm known for my straight stamping LOL.. I can stamp alphas straighter than if I had used some lovely stamping device made for that purpose. I've practiced long and hard at it over the maybe 12-15 years i've been stamping. But this morning I was in a bigfatrush. Serves me right. Maybe it was too many ink pads (yeah yeah that's it) or my peri-menopause (that's my new favorite catchall excuse you know) NOPE... i was in a bigfatrush to get done. Regardless it gave me an op to put some colors together to see how they'd look - yup they look fallish - in a bigfatrush kinda way. That's anothe of those StampinUp! scene stamps (that i've defaced with my poor mcpt technique this morning-- also bigfatrush). The word stamps come from Purple Onion Designs (ooo big surprise there huh?) And now i think I'll quit while i'm ahead....


June Houck said...

Wow! Great job on the computer generated pc. I do like the fall words stamped slightly has a whimsical feeling about it. I like both :)

cindy said...

I like your digi work. I've been wanting to try my hand at that too. Your post card is cute. I love the colors.