Monday, October 01, 2007

birthday wishes, Lawrence Welk and some house cleaning

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Barbara !!!

If you want a treat, go visit Barbara's blog - she is fabulously talented and one of the sweetest women I know.

Miss B - hope it's a very special day!

Today's postcard makes me wanna get out my accordion and play a little polka - an-na one an-na two-a(you gotta use that Lawrence-Welk-speak to get the full effect) I love a polka-dot!

I believe I used some stamps from StampinUp!Now on to the house cleaning.

Literally - i gotta do some. My house is slowly turning into a disaster zone. So that's on the agenda this week. (i don't dare think i'll get it all done today - it didn't get in this shape in one day - and it won't be returned to some semblance of order in one day either).
Also some blog house cleaning is in order. I've been the recipient of some awards I keep forgetting to post about. Those that have done the bestowing must think I am an ungrateful blogger. I am just one distracted woman these days.
My good friend June bestowed the Nice Matters Award upon me. Here are my nominees for this sweet award:
  1. Barbara
  2. Donna
  3. Jean
  4. Joan
  5. Keri
  6. Lauren
  7. Linda
  8. Lisa Renea
  9. Sue
  10. Tina
  11. Nancy

I'm only sposed to nominate 5 but hey - i know a lotta Nice people :-) and i know as it is i'm forgetting somebody. forgive a scattered peri-menopausal woman k?

I've got more house cleaning to do but i'm gonna have to come back later to do it!


Babsarella said...

Thank you so much for remembering (I am trying to forget). Thanks also for the Nice Matters award!! Hope you didn't spend too much time cleaning...too boring...creating is lots more fun!

June Houck said...

I love the blue dots postcard. I like those two blues together and I'm a polka dot lovin' girl too, minus Lawrence Welk.heeheehee

Lisa Renéa said...

Tracy! Thanks so much for the sweet nomination! Your so thoughtful! Love the polkydot card, too.

Jean said...

Tracy--how lovely of you! thank you! that is my prettiest award!

I went nuts putting it up the first time--i may not be able to figure it out again--hahaha!!!

I love your dots!!!

cindy (yapping cat) said...

Love the "polka" are as bad as me....LOL.


Joan Y said...

Hey Tracy! I can't believe I missed this incredible post! I've been perusing all of the posts that I've missed and imagine my surprise. Sorry for the belated acknowledgment! Thanks so much for the award! Yay! :)