Tuesday, April 15, 2008

thanks so much

for all the kind words, cards and emails everybody. I cannot tell you how much I've appreciated your support and friendship. It's meant so much.
I apologize for the birthday queen as well as I know she has missed celebrating some birthdays.....
I know I've been away a while.
We've been busy.
College tours with the daughter (we've visited 5 schools); my mom's back in town so that keeps me hopping. Job hunting. Making cards (to sell in the local coffee shop)with my friend June ~ hi june! :-)
Also my daughter turned 17 along the way...
And we needed to get some thank you's out. I didn't want to get into anything elaborate. (More important they get made.) I remembered I picked up some cards in the $ section at Target (isn't that just the best place?) a while ago. I took those cards, used a StampinUp! "thanks so much" stamp and that cute scallop punch; attached the stamped scallop element with a pop dot and voila - cute card. (well 7 cute cards! made in record time I might add) At least I think so :-) (the colors are a little off in the scan - looks much better IRL). Anyway, the cards are made!
Hopefully I'll be a better blogger again soon. I just have had so little time and truly not much inclination when there was a free moment. Hang in there with me!