Friday, October 12, 2007

#39 and #40 and some thinking (award)

this house postcard is #40

i am surprised i've been able to keep it up this long
even though many have been less than stellar
i have enjoyed pulling out different supplies
and making them

my son was home last weekend and
he told me how much he appreciates them
(i got a back breaking hug to go along with the thank you)

even if he didn't like them so much i'd probably keep it up

it's been good to have a little project to keep me busy

the lunchbox postcard was yesterday's edition.

I have another award I need to pass along. This one is called the Thinking Blogger Award from Lisa R at The Tattered Tiara and Linda at In Pursuit of Paper. It's for blogs that make you think - I imagine they think i'm a little nuts (nah - they know i'm a little nuts... but i digress). What i know is they are both talented, lovely and thoughtful women that I'm happy to know. Thanks girls! Course now i need to nominate a few others whose blogs make me think (my nominations will give you a little insight into my head - and people that's a strange and crazy place)
So here are my 5 (in no particular order --- geee this is sorta startin to sound like "Dancing with the Stars") :
  1. Will - Teensy and the boys - Will writes the most wonderful posts! Little gems of stories about his children and also childhood memories. Each one is filled with his wonderful brand of humor and i look forward to reading them.
  2. Jean - Snap out of it Jean! There's beading to be done! - just read one post - you'll see why I make it a daily stop on my list of blogs. Jean's hilarious and tells the best stories always accompanied by pics
  3. Lauren - All the good blog names were taken - could it be cos she's a Jersey Girl? Well that's just one of the reasons I enjoy reading Lauren's blog - she's funny, talented and she's always got something fun goin on!
  4. Sue - Wandering Star - a creative girl who's always got something interesting goin on and posts the most fun photos - specially those wonderful "road signs" - makes me wanna wander too!
  5. Monkee Maker - its a new read for me and i'm thinkin i love it. Makes me think about being silly, knitting and not taking life so seriously. This is wonderfully wacky and YES! there are monkeys! (and we all know how I love my monkeys!)
Okay. I started this post at 5:45 (and put it on hold), took the daughter to the bus stop, came home, napped got up showered and dressed, changed the battery in the smoke detector in the basement (its been chirping for days and driving us all a tad wack-a-d00) got breakfast for everyone (cats, mom, me), put a load of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, handed out all the medicine, finished this posting (just about) and now i'm off to finish making a little creation that needs to get in the mail. Have a wonderful Friday!


Babsarella said...

Lovein the new postcards!! Just wonderful...perfect in every way. Your day sounds almost like mine...never a dull moment, and hardly time to take a breather. Keepin my fingers crossed that this weekend will not be a total loss...although word on the street is that everyone's changes could mean a heap o' trouble for us. Joy.

June Houck said...

Both postcards are great...I like the "home" one; it reminds me of Williamsburg. The lunch box is so appropriate for your ds :)

lauren said...

oooooh more fab, fab, FAB ones!!! (that lunchbox is beyond cool!) i am thrilled to hear the lad loves these a back-breaking-hug's worth! clearly, he's his mother's son...and thus appreciation is hardwired! :)

OOF--i am getting *another* award?! holy moly, you are TOO KIND!!! i have to say that in both of these categories (creativity & thinkin') the awarding TOTALLY goes both ways! i am even able to overcome my lifelong envy of ppl who can come and see your glorious, awesome work!

(ps: it is so fun/funny to see someone i know commenting on another blog! i'm talking about monkee maker, o'course, clearly you are loving her as much as i am!!! i can't read her during breakfast anymore tho...nor vicious chicken...turns out, if you laugh that hard whilst eating...stomachaches ensue!)

Jean said...

Oh my gosh! I am over whelmed! You are too sweet to me. I have the brain of a peanut! THANKYOU THOUGH! I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!

Jean said...

R U eating is about as adorable as they come!

Will said...

Holy Cow! Other than best dressed in the 5th grade I've never been nominated for anything! The whold best dressed thing didn't work out so good. I don't really know what to do, thank you, thank you so much for the nomination.