Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hi there

Just thought I'd pop in briefly here on the blog to say I've been crazy busy - around the house mostly - doing a lot of cleaning and decorating in preparation for Thanksgiving. My house has been sorely neglected in the past months (i could say years but you'd probably be horrified... well it's true) and I really needed to get things in order. I am nearing that place where I will be happy to have guests in for the holidays. Everything isn't perfect but I'm getting there. I do have some work being done in the house this coming week which should make things really looks spiffy (I like that word don't you? :-))

I have actually been making some things in my spare time LOL but nothing ready to share yet. A few expected but unexpected things occurred in the last week to keep me from posting. But I'll be back shortly. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Keep You in My Heart

Here's a card I made for my son who is off on a new adventure in a far off state. It's pretty exciting really. But I'm not gonna lie - I'm going to miss this child.
When they hand you these little creatures in the hospital it is quite astounding - the instant love you feel. Something quite unbelieveable. Like nothing you've ever felt before. And then all through the years you run through a series of emotions. But this one - the feeling of excitement for him and sadness that I won't see him every day, listening to his crazy stories, feeling his strength and kindness through some pretty tough times, laughing so hard with him I'd cry... oh I could go on and on... this has been one for the books for me. 
I'm happy & sad all at the same time - crazy. 
But I'm truly excited to see what's next for him - and hey - for us too. 
Hope you're having a great day. Happy November!