Saturday, August 30, 2008

thinking of you

I really am... thinking of you all.
I have been among the missing - well at least in blog-land.
And a bit at home -when I think about it.
I went back to work - full time. I haven't worked full time in a long time. I've worked part time for many years. Mostly during the day when my kids were at school.
Since the store closed a year and a half ago, I'd been looking for another job. I had a few detours along the way as most of you know. My mom had a set back a year ago which required that I set aside my search for a bit.
Regardless, I started my job mid July and its been crazy around here ever since. My son is back at college and my daughter begins her senior year in high school. I've had a few car issues over the last six weeks too. (it's as if the car knew i started this job i swear!). Just getting used to the new schedule hasn't been too hard (although come Tuesday, adding daughter's schedule in should be a trip) but making myself go to bed at a reasonable hour has taken some getting used to! You all know I tended to stay up too late LOL! No more of that anymore. And of course there are the weekends which are even shorter than before. Not enough hours in a day and certainly not in the weekends!
One weekend I was able to get in a little visit with my friend June - Hi June! We went to Angela's Happy Stamper - for a little girl time. I had no idea that they were having a special event that day - crazy luck! We received a goodie bag when we walked in the door - a nice little bag filled with this and that. We shopped for a bit - it was busy but not outrageous and we were able to find some things we needed (needed is operative word in this sentence since neither June nor I need anything LOL). I picked up the apples stamp you see in the card here. I wish it scanned up better - i was really pleased how the coloring came out - i used a mix of Prismacolor and Copic markers (dont get me started on those Copics - i swore i wouldn't get started with those and now I'm goin straight to hell is all I can say. I've picked up a few...... i reallllllly like them). I made the card for my nephew and his girlfriend who came to visit a few weekends ago. I also used a Purple Onion Designs sentiment - the "thinking of you" - I just love it.
I also made a cute little calendar for my desk at work using the Purple Onion Designs Vintage Calendar Stamps (individual months) - but i just realized I forgot to scan in any of the pages! I'm gonna bring it home one night this week and do that cos it came out cute, was easy to do, and I think you'd all like it. I was needing a calendar with the current month and next month on it. I was going to run over to Staples and pick one up and then thought - why? I can make a much prettier calendar - and exactly what I want - all by myself.
Anyway, I digress as usual. I want to thank those of you who emailed me -wondering if all was okay. We're all good here in the burg. Just a little tired and working on adjusting. I will close out this little blog entry with this. I rediscovered a few things over the past 6 weeks:
  • I can actually go to bed before midnight!
  • It's amazing how much you can get done in a lunch hour
  • I can make it through the day without a nap (who knew!)
  • Its really nice knowing you have friends who are thinkin boutcha. (i knew that before - i just got a nice reaffirmation)
  • I need to make things - the few things I was able to make - well it just made me happy! I may not make as much stuff, but I'll keep makin things whenever I can fit it in. And I will be fitting it in.