Friday, September 28, 2007

remember the sunflowers?

well you don't of course.
my son will.
when we moved here, in June 1997, the community we live in was much under construction. But down the street, amidst all the building, was the elementary school which had been built less than 10 years previously. Along the white fencing that surrounded the school were growing sunflowers. we watched them grow all summer long, taking many walks down and around the school. By the time school opened at the end of August there were gorgeous sunflowers peeking over the top of that fence. We really loved it. Once the next spring came we found out that the school had a "sunflower planting" tradition. Everyone gathered around the perimeter of the school and planted seeds. This continued until maybe the last 2 years - they removed the fence (more construction in the adjacent main road). If they planted sunflowers no one could tell. Most likely they don't have the same parents who would make sure those sunflowers got watered all summer long - who knows. But I know my family misses those sunflowers.
The stamp is from a set by StampinUp! and the alphas are Garamouche from Purple Onion Designs. I colored it in using my prismacolor pencils, mineral spirits, with a tortillon (that ever wonderful magic colored pencil technique).

Thursday, September 27, 2007

it's never too early to start thinkin Halloween

at least that's what i always say!
i'm sure you're thinking what kinda nut is she? rest assured the postcard won't phase my son at all. he knows i'm a little wacked LOL and he knows i love Halloween. It would be around this time of year - actually maybe mid to late August I'd start asking them what they wanted to be for Halloween. I actually miss making all those Halloween costumes. I had to be outta my mind when my son was 3 or 4 and i decided to sew my first costume. I hadn't sewn since I was 12 and I took a sewing class during the summer. And i jumped into making the most complicated costumer ever - a dinosaur. Spikes going from his head down to the end of the tale. Dinosaur gloves and shoe covers to boot. Amazing costume! I have to dig out that photo of him in it - that's another whole story in itself. But it was the beginning of many costumes to come. I have always loved Halloween and dressing up is just the best part. When i was stamping these legs (from Character Constructions - they're plain legs with the curly toed shoes - i embellished....) it made me start thinking Halloween. I thought I'll just stripe these legs up and color them in with orange. I really should have consulted my marker before I began. It didn't have the same plans as I - and promptly began to run out of ink. Figures huh? No matter. If you look closely you'll see i noted to him that it looked like my self-tanner ran out.
Anywho. Gone are the days of the Halloween costume. Fortunately my daughter is very into theater at school so we're always on the hunt for costume materials LOL. Yesterday I made a trip to the Salvation Army store just for that purpose. Unfortunately there were no orange dresses - this time the costume is for pre-Homecoming Pep Rally activities - but they've already figured out another solution to the orange dress problem (I was relieved. Aren't you?)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

nope its wasn't that long a weekend

i'm just finally getting back on here to post some cards of the post variety.

today's card:the little bird is from Character Constructions and the measuring tape is Ma Vinci

yesterday's card was

this flying bird - also Character Constructions -

very cool stamps - check 'em out.

and Monday's postcard was this nest. Guess what stamp company it's from? Yup. Character Constructions again.
i feel a little bad saying i was gonna show some cool postcards this week. My intentions were good and so are the stamps. I started by stamping these images thinking i'd do some more with each one but the weekend away - well that kinda put me behind as well as just life in general.
Now as for the weekend - quite a wonderful girlfriend weekend. These friends are special. I've known them all for - wow - 32 years i guess. And because they are those kinds of friends - well when we get together we pick up just where we left off. It's like no time has passed - it's really remarkable. I cherish each and every one of them.
We rented a house in Annapolis - very close to the center of town - in Eastport (if you're familiar). They all arrived on Friday - I joined them on Saturday morning. It was almost Saturday afternoon because I hit town right before the Navy game started. Sheesh. The traffic. The people take their Navy football pretty serious in Annapolis. Once I got there we all took a walk into town and did a little shopping. Annapolis has some great shops. We stopped in a local sandwich shop for lunch and then headed out to walk some more. Some of the girls wanted to take a walk into the Naval Academy - a place we spent considerable time visiting back in our college days... ahem. Since the game was going on at the time, it was fairly quiet and perfect for just walking about. If you've never been to USNA it's worth a visit. The grounds are really gorgeous. Back in the day you could just walk on in and roam the grounds. Nowadays you have to go through security - and then roam about LOL! We finally headed back to the house. I should interject here that Saturday was pretty hot and it seemed to take it's toll on most of our feet as I'm still dealing with blisters. (they were worth it). Saturday night we went to a lovely but very crowded restaurant where we waited a half hour for a table despite the reservations we'd made 6 months ago (and confirmed earlier in the day). Now I'm used to waiting in restaurants in the Burg. It's part of life round here. But some of the others weren't quite pleased. Regardless, we had a lovely meal and we walked on back to the house. Much wine was drunk and music played. Many of the girls brought their scrapbooks - yes the good old fashioned kind that they'd made all those years ago. Oh and the yearbooks came out too. I was only sorry when we all had to pack up and leave on Sunday morning. But all good things must come to an end. We're gonna try our best to make it an annual event from here on out.
ok. gotta get moving for the day!

Friday, September 21, 2007

one for the road

here's the last postcard for this week. not really fond of it. i used this glitter marker and it really looks better in the scan (and that's bad!) LOL
any way ....
i just put a batch of chocolate chip brownies in the oven. you know - the choc chip cookie batter put in the pan and baked - comes out like brownies or bar cookies.
Now of course there is a reason for my baking. I am going on a little trip tomorrow - to spend the rest of the weekend with my college girlfriends. They requested these - back when we were in school the dining hall used to call them "Congo Bars" - don't ask me why. Anyway we've rented a house in Annapolis - not too far from town. It's an old haunt from back in the day so it was good spot to go to - aside from being somewhat centrally located for the entire group. There are nine of us coming from Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina. We're so excited. We do these little reunions every few years - have a grand old time - but someone is always missing. In particular one person who hasn't been able to attend for 16 years. She is the most excited of us all. I'm hoping to have some pics to share come Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

one thing leads to another

remember that song?
i heard it on the radio last night as I was driving home from the Back to School nite at my daughter's high school. Normally, my husband and I are able to work out driving together but not this year. Not fun - the school is 45 minutes (if the roads are absolutely clear and moving)to an hour from the Burg so all that driving alone isn't so fun - i'm not a big night-driving fan either. Anyway, I left around 5:50 which should have put me at the school around 7 with regular traffic. If you are familiar with "the Beltway" - the infamous road in these here parts which encompasses the DC, Maryland, Virginia areas - you know the traffic is wicked. And it didn't disappoint last nite. I arrived in the vicinity of the school at around 7:05
This Back to School nite is also extremely well attended. You have never seen a BTSN at a high school like this - it is akin to an elementary school BTSN - and around here that means everyone goes. Actually it must thrill the teachers - they have to be there so it's nice if someone shows up. My son went to a different high school and the comparison between the BTSN's is staggering.
You'll note I said I arrived at the vicinity of the school around 7:05 - there is no parking left at the school on BTSN - or at the two satellite parking areas (an elementary and a church - for which they provide buses to drive you back & forth) by 6pm. The actual BTSN starts at 7:10. We don't even bother to try parking at those 3 locations now that it's our 3rd year. We just go further down the road to the Home Depot and park there LOL! Imagine me - pulling into the parking space next to my husband (who never arrives to these things on time) and calling him on his cell to let him know i'm running up the road to meet him. In the crowds it's hard to find someone unless you've: a) decided a predetermined spot or b). carried your cell and talk until you find one another!
I'm telling you it's a crazy event!
We did the schedule (visiting all the classes) after having bought our school directory, paid for the PSAT test. (We had to ditch Homeroom as I was still walking up the street at that point.) Then hit the Starbucks and headed home. Which brings me back to that song - one thing leads to another. By the time I'd heard that song, almost got ran off the road by an 18-wheeler on the beltway, and got a few sips of my coffee that finally cooled off - i was ready to listen to some classical music. Calming but not sleep inducing. We got home around 10:30.
Above are yesterday and today's postcards to my son. Nothing great but I've got some nice ones coming up for next week.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

happy birthday sweet boy

today is my brother's birthday. if he was still around he'd have been 29 again LOL (if you're listening in R - tough - i'm telling - he'd be 55)
here's a favorite photo of my brother as a little boy. he was so cute - and a very handsome man. And i will miss him til the day i see him again.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

tuesday tuesday

that doesn't sound right does it - tuesday tuesday? guess that's why it wasn't a song (ba-dum-dum)
not exactly my greatest effort. i grabbed an old Zig Dottarific marker and went to town while i was listening to a show online. kinda
illustrates the "it's the thought that counts" adage.
happy tuesday everyone

Monday, September 17, 2007

monday monday

so i decided to use some of my Purple Onion designs Vintage Postmark Date set
i think it made a fun postcard! The background is just a marker but it helps pop out those Monday postmarks.
Can you guess what the rest of the week is going to look like?
have a good one....

Saturday, September 15, 2007

the rest of the week's postcards

Hi all - here are the rest of this weeks Postcards from home.

The "postcard telegram" is a ruber stamp from Purple Onion Designs - not including the drawing of moi - natch. I thought my son would be amused if i drew "me" in the slot for the photo. And yes, I often wear my clipons so it seemed like the thing to draw dontchaknow.

the coffee cups are a stamp by Hampton Arts and the berries and little round sunbursty wheels are StampinUp!

Monday, September 10, 2007

its monday

i'm tired already. and it's only 11:29 am
it was a busy but productive morning
even got my drivers license renewed (in ze nick of time)
here's postcard #16 - i used some - what else - a stampinup stamp. it kinda looks like that SU! background stamp with the leaves all over it but this stamp is actually part of a set - and was really easier to use.
stamp, stamp, stamp. i'm done :-)
i'm so glad i took the time weeks ago to make up this batch of postcards cos i have had little time for anything in the past week. My mom lost the sight (almost entirely - we're hoping she might regain some more vision back) in her good eye - leaving her virtually (and most certainly, legally) blind. Suffice it to say it has not been a good week.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

some more postcards

sorry i'm not updating everyday. not a lot of time for this but i got a minute now so... the last 2 postcards this week. The purple flowers are a stamp from a stampinup set
and the dots and spoked circle (which i thought looked sorta like tires and my son would like that!) are also stampinup stamps.
hope to be posting again more regularly soon!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

birthday queen with card and postcards

Birthday queen says Happy Birthday Michelle! and she hopes sincerely you have received the cardshe made weeks ago = then mailed late (cos she forgot about he holiday) oy!

and here is that card

didn't get to post postcard yesterday so here are #12 Daisies with a blue background (prisma pencils, stampinup stamp and mcpt technique)

and #13 Funometer - i love this i just was in a hurry and didn't get the best image - oh well - he won't care!
have a good one everybody - gotta run!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Postcard #11 leaves like sardines

they do kinda look like that don't they? sardines in a can? i believe the stamp is from stampinup. i wish i had anything great to report. not such a good weekend thus far so i gotta run.