Friday, March 31, 2006

old friends

the other day i was talking to dh on the phone and i heard the annoying beep of call waiting. Dh was just telling me he was on his way home so we got off and the phone rang.
it was a friend of my mothers.
an old friend. we're talking old.
I'm talking the length of their friendship.
I've heard about this friend probably all my life.
My mom has a group of friends she has had all her life - well practically.
I know they've been friends since at least high school.
And that, my friends, was almost 65 years ago (since she began high school).
Isn't that incredible?
this friend was trying to get in touch with my mom just to chat. She was increasingly concerned as she couldn't reach her at her home. My mom has had a lot of health problems so the friends was naturally concerned. i reassured her that my mom has just been away visiting one of my sisters and not to worry.
I've been emailing with some of my old friends a lot lately.
my friends from college. probably some of the best friends i have ever or will ever have.
We email all the time actually.
There had been a bit of a lull. We all have busy lives: families, jobs etc etc.
Lately the email has surrounded our attempts to schedule a get together. (its always tough to get us all together but we managed it on a number of occasions over the 27 years since we've graduated.)
I'd seen two of these good friends back in the fall. My roommate was having a 25th wedding anniversary and she invited us to their party. What a wonderful time we had. It had been so long since we'd seen one another.
but the thing about these kinds of friends is that no matter how long its been since you've seen one another - its just like yesterday.
We continue where we left off.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

This and that

i saw this ad today in the Washington Post Magazine section - it says
Urban Style
I say
Cheddar Style
Anyone got a wheat thin?
seriously would you want to be sitting on a wheel of cheese in your living room.
the kitchen maaaaybe
hell.. not even maybe.

Under the heading
I looked it up:
the word "pompitous" (as in pompitous of love - steve miller was playing on the radio when i was out and about this morning and it occurred to me i'd finally like to check that word out.
to see if it is actually a word.
these are the things we like to do 'round here. We are always referring to the dictionary. (i guess we are in constant scrabble challenge mode... whatever.)
it ain't... a word.... pompitous.
i know you're relieved.
As was I
but under the heading of "believe it or not"
(and i'm sure you will)
there are quite a number of websites which debate and discuss this line from the song
it's a wonderful world isn't it?

moving on....
we heard from DS last nite. he's on an interstate scavenger hunt for a frat.
we're having a quiet sunday 'round here. just the dh and myself.
DD is off sampling macroorganisms or somesuch thing from the waters of Fairfax County.
She had her hipboots, goggles, and other sundry scientific materials ready this morning. DH took her to meet up with her fellow scientists.
She should be calling for her ride home soon.
Me - i went to the grocery store, put away said groceries, cleaned a bathroom (don't i always seem to be doing that? we have 4 - so its inevitable.) and baked some brownies
I think i will go work on some cards or scrapbook pages with the time i have left
go back to what you were doing

Friday, March 24, 2006

all fixed

which is a relief.
water pump.
i guess it coulda cost more

H is for hot

in the last week or so i've noticed something on the garage floor -
looks like a puddle of water. like when you've got snow on the car or its been raining - the garage floor usually reflects that.
so last nite i pick up dd from the bus and we're on our way home and some kind of light comes on the dashboard.
it looks like a tiny thermometer.
we are sitting in mega traffic.
of course - it's NoVA
i begin to get a little nervous but think we're almost home.
then an alarm starts to sound.
it's like a bell being rung over and over
i see the temperature guage is on H
i'm thinking "crap" with a big C
at this point we're are soooo close to home. just through one more major intersection and then one more (very busy) left turn and we're home.
i decide to turn the car off while we wait at the big light
its a loooooooooong light so i'm hoping it will give the car a chance to cool off
a bad word pops out of my mouth
dd says its ok mom. we're almost home. :-)
and indeed we do make it home.
Guess what we're doing this morning?
dropping off the car
more later

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

you know you're distracted when...

your daughter says to you,
"Mom, why is there a towel in the dishwasher?"
this happened last nite.
I had a day off yesterday.
got my hair cut and hilighted (i was lookin like a skunk in reverse again so it was tiiiiime)
doing this
and the other thing.
and apparently i left a towel in the dishwasher.
(to dry off shtuff as i take it out. Does your dishwasher leave you with pools of water in the tops of the cups? someone should seriously work on the re-design of the top rack -youknowwhati'mtalkinabout?)
i didn't think it was such a big shmeel
but apparently it amused those living in my household.
i'm getting a bit of a ditz reputation.

hey this is like some kinda record. i've posted everyday this week.
and countem'
twice today.
now go back to what you were doin

The Concierge does it and you can too!

i was reading Heidi Swapp's blog this morning and saw her video demonstrating her rub-ons. If you want a little chuckle please take a look at it:
scroll down to where it says "here it is!! so excited!"
she's got a link there.
It really is quite a bit of marketing genius. It would be a faboo commercial. Seriously.
If you're not hip to the history on these rub-ons - well i'll clue you in. They got some bad press that i know of -on a particular well-known scrapbooking site (which shall remain nameless...ahem).
Totally unfounded i might add.
I have the aforementioned rub-ons. And i used them over this past weekend. They worked just fine - i didn't need a video either.
But hey.. that's me.
I am rub-on inclined.
Perhaps others are not so gifted. (these are the jokes people.)
Regardless these rub-ons are a fine.. nay.... a WONDERFUL product.
However since they got a bad rap or rub as the case may be i am sure HS felt the need to do a little PR? whatever. Personally i would love to see more creations ( she's something else that one - what a creative mind she has!!!!) than her spending her time trying to redeem a perfectly wonderful product.
But in true HS form - she creates this hilarious little video.
A 12 year old can use them; a grown woman and a grown man can use them. Heck ...
even the Concierge can do it.
Some might say they all had instruction from HS. so of course they could do it.
I say.. oh who cares.
go back to what you were doing now....

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i'll get my clothes dirty

cos it'll be cheaper than this
i checked to see what it was made from (thinking hey it must be some exotic 'spensive fabric for $49.00 right?).
it says "kool rugged cotton, 4 pockets, a silkscreen wasp and great twill straps".
what if it was cool rugged cotton with a "c"?
or maybe a little less rugged?
would that cost less?
or perhaps if there were only 2 pockets
i mean the second set of pockets (viewable in the "alternative view") would reside on my butt.
i don't know about you but i don't need pockets on my butt when i'm creating (or otherwise)
and the great twill straps.
what if they weren't quite so great?
and i could definitely live without wasps. i have enough problems with wasps around here building nests. i don't need one on my chest.
oh heck. i don't wear aprons anyhow.
i'm done blabbering now.
go back to what you were doing

Monday, March 20, 2006

it has become obvious

that i stink at keeping up this blog.
but i digress right away.
it became apparent to me over the weekend, whilst working on ds's scrapbook that
while i adore patterned paper
(like some women love shoes)
(my love for patterned paper is close to my adoration for chocolate)
that i don't use it much (the paper not the chocolate)in my scrapbooking
i have three containers full of patterned papers - stuffed to the gills i might add
and two containers for 12 x 12 cardstock that are moderately full. (we won't discuss the 3 containers for 8.5x11 cardstock, k?)
i came to this conclusion when i was searching through the cardstock bins to find an appropriate color. I wasn't likin my choices. i had used them up.
now i use patterned paper like KA-RAY-ZEE on my cards.
but on the pages - not so much.
now the question becomes: do i keep all this patterned paper? do i sell it on ebay (as have some of my friends have done) or do i keep it for cards (i will never make that many cards i guess.
and what do i do when i see more cute paper.......