Monday, June 30, 2014

Oh I've been busy...

Guess you figured that out since I haven't updated the old blog since April. Thanks for continuing to stop by in my absence.
Let's see - what have I been doing?
Well, there was a trip to Europe in April and the beginning of May. Yes, it was amazing. 3 weeks on the road with my favorite people in the world: my husband, son and daughter. It was a trip of a lifetime. London, Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome. I have something like 1500 photos. \
Yes, I've started the scrapbooks. Thank goodness I've been pocket style scrapbooking for years now. If I hadn't already, it would be a good time to start right? It's the only way the pics will get into books with the accompanying stories (and you know there are stories). And for me that's what it's about - getting those stories down.
So yes... scrapping has begun. London is in books, (and the stories are partially done) Paris, Venice & Florence photos are sitting here waiting to be put into books and Rome pics need to be ordered.

At the same time I'm doing a little redecorating around the house as well as a house purge.  The purge is ongoing and I've arrived at my little art haven here. I shall be stuck here a while but I'm making great progress! At the moment I'm remounting my wood stamps on EZ Mount cling - and while it's taking a bit of time it's quite therapeutic. And I'm finding wonderful stamps I'd almost forgotten I had. And as this process continues it's great to see that I'm freeing up space in here and I'm feeling more organized then ever. And the more organized I feel the more creative I feel. A little less bogged down with stuff - you know what I mean?

Throw in a few birthdays, visits with some friends - the very best friends in the world. Add  emptying out a condo, cleaning it, and selling it. I've been a busy girl.

Have I been making cards - you betcha! Most of the time I even remembered to snap a picture before I sent them out the door :-) Here's one I made for my son - from our two silly kitties. I used Papertrey Ink stamp sets: Cats Meow, Keep It Simple: Birthday. The balloon die is from Birthday Bash and I also used the double ended banner die. The little party hats are just scraps of PTI patterned paper.

Okay - I'm off to get a few things done with the rest of the day. Thanks for sticking with me. I'll try posting some more cards shortly.  Have a good one!