Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Greetings!

it's friday
thank goodness.
it's been a long week but the weekend should be nice.
here's postcard #35
frankly, i don't know how i forgot to use these stamps from Paper Candy. I've had them for a few years. I think they're even called Postcard Alpha stamps. Duh.
But that's what happens when you have too much stuff. You use it when you first get it (most of the time) and then it gets put away and forgotten.
At the moment, this room looks like i've never put anything away.
It's a mess. With a capital M
I've actually been making a few things. Realized i hadn't posted today's card so i stopped working on the current item I'm makin.
I'll post as soon as the recipients receive them.
Don't want to spoil any surprises you know.
The one thing i haven't made is an anniversary card for the husband.
It's tomorrow.
But that's the way things are running round here. I'll be makin that card in a flash tomorrow. The thing about the husband is I could spend hours makin some cool creation or minutes on a simple card - he'll say he loves it no matter what i make. Which is sweet of course. At the same time it seems crazy to go nuts on some project for hours when its all the same to him. He loves it all.
Translation - i don't have any spectacular ideas so it's gonna be simple :-)


Lisa Renéa said...

Ok, Love this! So cool! I had no idea, there were stamps like this ( i think somewhere I have some alpha sticker like this) I hope J's enjoying these postcards as much as the rest of us-LOL.

Babsarella said...

Terrific postcard!!! What cute stamps!! Hope your anniversary was WONDERFUL!!

June Houck said...

Boy, that does not look simple. It's a great pc!