Monday, October 29, 2012

Tags as Gifts

so after seeing Dawn McVey's wonderful tag set (giving tags as a gift... isn't that a great idea?) I had to give it a try. As time is at a premium these days I thought I might be able to do this quickly - and I did! I did have to overcome the lack of the wonderful Essential Pillow Box die (which is going on my wish list - it would be so handy to have!) by finding a template online.
My pic isn't great but you get the idea. I cut out the template, and used some patterned paper from PTI as well as the 2012 Holiday Tag set. I cut out a few ovals and the scalloped ovals so I could use them on the pillowbox as well as the tags. I stamped the ovals with the image from the Holiday Tag set. Then I assembled the box, wrapped the patterned paper around the box like a belly band and attached the stamped image. Box done.
For the tags I cut out a few of PTI's tag sale #6. Cut some more of the patterned paper and some coordinating cardstock and attached those to the tags. I stamped the "peace love joy" as well as the little design image in a matching color ink  and all I had to do was glue on tag reinforcer (that comes with the tag die) and I was done.
Really a very quick little project and sooo cute!
I want so much to have a little more time to make MORE tags. Right now I need to run along. Thanks for looking and if you're in the path of Hurricane Sandy (the winds are ripping outside and I'm hoping we keep our power on....) stay safe.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's October and I've made a Christmas card!

I know.. it's absolutely shocking. But given the way things are goin round here I thought I'd better try to start as soon as possible. And believe it or not this card took 10 minutes. I know. Another shocker. I may actually be getting good at this. Reminds me when I was in school in drawing class and we'd have a model and the drawings were timed. 5 minutes... change pose. 5 minutes... another pose. But drawing and card making are quite different LOL. So on with the card. I wish I could recall whose card I saw where they were stamping off using this same set: Mistletoe & Holly from Papertrey Ink. I just can't for the life of me remember whose card I saw but it stuck with me. I do like the effect stamping off gives and I think it can give some nice depth. But in the end I actually decided to use two colors for the holly leaves LOL! Then stamped the sentiment (which is from Happiest Of Holidays - also Papertrey Ink) and the leaves. And voila.. card done. I think I'm going to make a few of these :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fastest card I've ever made

I have a tendency to take a very long time making cards. "Long" is a relative term I suppose however in my case "long" means over an hour... sometimes even longer. I don't think I'm alone here - but I also think there are those who don't take near that amount of time. This tendency is problematic for me these days. I have zero time for crafting. I'm making anything in stolen moments (heck I'm writing this blog in a stolen moment ;-)). My scrapbooking progress would have totally stalled if I hadn't switched over to a different method (something like Project Life - using divided page protectors where I just slide in the pics). But card making - well that's a totally different animal. The other day I needed a fast - and I mean fast - anniversary card. I could've broken down and .....eek - bought a card from a store. That would just kill me given my little craft room is filled with endless stamps and card making materials. Anyway, I had a stamp set from Papertrey that I'd purchased fairly recently and knew I would use for the card. I picked out a couple of Papertrey dies and some patterned paper and cardstock and I made this card in probably 10 minutes. Really! Now it is a very simple card but you know - I like it. (I should say the card was for a 2nd wedding anniversary - hence the 2). And I'm not sure what creation I'd have come up with given more time but I'm pleased and I know the recipients will be satisfied - what more can I ask?  Okay.. stolen moment over. Gotta get back to my real life ;-) Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You can't have enough candy corn

well of course you can (and you can become quite nauseated but I digress) but you can't have enough Candy Corn on Halloween Cards now can you? Here's another card using that adorable stamp I received from my friend June. I recently had a visit from one of my cousins who was traveling south from NY to Sea Island, GA. I hadn't seen her in so long - was a wonderful visit. And conversation over lunch turned to candy corn (what? you don't discuss candy corn? well we do!) I never knew she was a candy corn lover (it is, apparently, the only vegetable she eats... I will add here I love almost every vegetable there is.. including candy corn). So I made her this card as a little thank you for making a side trip to visit us. I used Papertrey Ink's Tremendous Treats: Halloween as well as the Tag Sale #6 die (which I'm currently in love with) - the pumpkin, as well as the background, is colored with Copics (coloring those candy corns is therapeutic as well as non-caloric). Hoping to be back tomorrow to post another card I managed to make the other day (in about 10 minutes which is a stinkin record for me!)
Have a good one!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Having Cards on Hand

I was quickly writing a Thank You to someone who helped me out today and I thought I'm gonna take a pic of this card (before I send it out the door). I don't think I posted it before - using some Papertrey Ink stamps. But it got me thinking. You know I just love making cards - it just makes me happy ya know? I love the whole thing - the stamps, the inks, the paper and cardstock. But a wonderful bonus is that you get to send these little creations out into the world and hopefully brighten someone elses day. You share what you make. In the case today - well I was dealing with some issues for my Mom and the person on the other end of the phone was such a delight - with a couple of quick moves on her part she made my afternoon turn around. For her it was a simple thing - but to me it made my life so much easier - I'm sure you've all had this kind of experience. Anyhow I thought I'm gonna send this woman, whom I probably will never ever meet, a thank you card to let her know her small gesture was a big deal to me. I'm hoping the card will brighten her day :-) Just sending it is making me feel very happy. Have a good one!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

An Anniversary Card

Pausing the Halloween action for today - and posting an anniversary card.
For my husband of 28 years.
Where did the time go?
I used all Papertrey products (Love & Marriage stamp set; Fine Linen Patterned Paper pack; ClassicKraft and True Black Inks).
Okay - that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!