Monday, October 08, 2007

The Crap Fairy and a trip to the art store(s)

My friend Annie is a character. I had been lamenting the state of my house to her (disaster and no progress there I'm afraid). Annie told me The Crap Fairy must have visited her house cos there was crap everywhere.

Got me thinkin

So I made her a card with The Crap Fairy.

I did it with a digi kit by Kathryn Balint from (i'm likin this digi stuff - it's fun!) The snaps are real by the way as is the mesh like paper background.

Anyway - this past weekend my daughter needed to go to 2 art stores for supplies. We have Michaels and AC Moore nearby but they didn't have what she needed. Her art teacher recommended these stores - ones he frequents for his own work. My daughter is taking a portfolio prep class this semester - preparing for the inevitable portfolio she will have to submit to get into art school.
These art stores are in the same county as her school - which means they are an hour away. She needed my husband or myself to drive her. If she needed supplies for an automobile, she'd ask her Dad - she needed art supplies so she asked me to drive her. I did not need my arm twisted. The only part of the excursion i was not looking forward to was the actual drive. Navigating Northern Virginia - and in particular Fairfax County - is a nightmare. However we did quite well - didn't even get lost (and I have been doing a lot of that lately so i presume God was feelin a bit sorry for me and got us there directly).
So we're getting out of the van and my daughter says to me - you know I could've asked Dad to take me here. But he doesn't know anything about art supplies like you do Mom. As we walked into the store she continues - he'd just sit back and wait for me as I shopped. Then she adds - of course the downside to taking you here is that we may never leave! She says this to me as my eyes glaze over as we head down the aisle with all the lovely pens and colored pencils and I made an audible squeak! She laughed and so did I.
We stayed about 45 minutes. Only spent about $40.00. She was thrilled they offered her a nice little discount card which they immediately applied to our purchase - gotta love a kid who likes to get a bargain right? We headed on over to the second store which was not nearly as fun as the first. Possibly we were just tired and overwhelmed (so many art supplies, so little time) but i think it was more the lack of customer service at the 2nd store.
We headed home, pleased with our purchases (like Babar).
Oh - i got a brown 005 micron pen i hadn't been able to find anywhere local as well as Rapido-eze cleaning solution for my rapidographs - insert happy face here.


lauren said...

you only spent $40 between the two of you???!! holy moly, you are GOOD WOMEN!

btw, i *adore* the crap fairy card, o'course! so now you're DIGI-designing, too? hey lady--could you PLEEEEASE save a little bit of talent for the rest of us to divide up?! :)

(ps: if you're loving the monkee maker on her link to the vicious chicken...more knitted monkees...similar vein of humor...totally hilarious!)

Babsarella said...

Sounds like a super-fun excursion!!! TOTALL ADORE the Crap Fairy card!!! She has taken up permanent residence in my home!!!

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your comment on my blog ..... but PIMP? Please tell me it's not what I'm thinking it is??

And if it is, hope you had something dry to change into :)

K said...

Great card you made Annie. I love it!!!! The crap fairy must be busy, 'cause she has been here too.

Jean said...

great story! I didn't know she was heading to art school. bu of course she is!!! how cool!

cindy said...

Tracy, LOL. I love the Crap Fairy. OMGosh...too cute. And she does get around cause she's been here too. LOL. Oh good grief...Rapidographs were the BANE of MY EXISTANCE in art school. Hated those things! Hated that class! YUCK. But I know, a great art store can keep me enthralled for hours. Glad it was a good, easty to find trip and cheap. $40.00 is good. LOL. And, last comment, cause I know I've got "war and peace" going here...please do tell, is PIMP what we all think it is? I saw it on someones comments and I was rolling. You, talented AND funny! LOL. Love it! : )

June Houck said...

Great crap fairy card! You are too funny. Glad you made it to the art stores w/o incident. Wow...Eliz is going to be an art major? Does she do cards/ scrappin', draw??? What is her forte? I had to look up now I know. I did not understand the art lingo, but that's okay...

Sue McGettigan said...

ROFL at the crap fairy :)

I need to get me some o' that Rapido-eze cleaning stuff, 'cause I scored a set of Rapidograph pens at the Ladies Auxilliary sale for $2.00 - YES!

How fun to go art supply shopping with Eliz - Molly and I would join you in a hearbeat :)