Sunday, October 07, 2007

the Birthday Queen says

Happy Birthday to my sweet and wonderful friend and sometime partner-in-crime, June
I am hoping June has discovered her present (by your front door miss.....) by now. But on the off chance she hasn't I shan't post it til tomorrow.
Otherwise, it's hot here in the berg. I am sooooo ready for fall I could just about scream. I love the fall and it's high time we had some is all I am sayin.
I do however enjoy wearing my flipflops still. And in fact I am most comfy wearin them seein as I am still nursing a blistered big toe. Can you believe I still have the remnants of a blister from 2 weeks ago still bothering me? Well it was a pretty ridiculous blister.
Well bein that it's Sunday, and all the pressing matters of the day have been accomplished already, I have decided to take a wee nap. It's been a long week. Hope you all are having a nice weekend.

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June Houck said...

Ooooh, thank you, Tracy! An entry just for me :) You are a wonderful friend and partner in FUN!