Saturday, October 13, 2007

it's that time of year

a little confession time
i think it's maybe in September they start putting out the Halloween stuff
it seems to get earlier every year I noticed they were actually putting Christmas stuff out in the grocery store the other day - hideous to rush the seasons in my opinion
so in September i spy my little addiction
it's orange and yellow and white
and its delicious
my mother shares this little addiction with me
good thing its not my husband, daughter and son too
then i'd have to share
candy corn
i know some people aren't crazy about it
and i'm a known choco-holic
but candy corn - is wonderful
of course it must be fresh
and of a certain quality
none of those cheapo brands
ya gotta have your Brachs
i went to Walmart a week ago to pick up some things and I detoured into the Halloween aisle
which of course isn't just one aisle anymore....
looking for a bag of candy corn.
a fix
and all they had was this 20 oz tub
(note the word tub)
and i thought why the hell not. I mean it's FAT FREE and has 0grams of Trans Fat (note the label). Believe it or not i abstained from breaking the seal until the other night (the longer i wait to break the seal the better). I've only had a few handfuls. Pretty good for me. I wish i could say that this tub would last me until October 31st but i cannot. I'm sure i'll need more (and as the season winds down its hard to find... really!) We like to decorate our Halloween cuppy-cakes with candy corn dontchaknow. Gives 'em that festive air about them. (chocolate cuppy-cakes with orange colored vanilla frosting. My mom always likes to flavor her frosting with orange but not me... i like my buttercream straight)
hoping your having a sweet Saturday


June Houck said...

Enjoy your candy corn! I loved it as a kid, but not anymore, so you won't need to share yours with me either :)

Jean said...

I am loving that, for sure! we would buy it year round if we could!

Will said...

I love candy corn too! I have a "way" to eat it that must happen, very candy corn OCD, and I also like the dark brown candy corn called indian corn,, so good. Fall is not Fall without it.

Babsarella said...

Oh yes...I love candy corn. In our family, that would be know the 'crap candy of the season' for Halloween. Yummy yummy yummy...all the more for me!!

Amy said...

Isn't this funny?! Crafting, birthdays, AND candy corn ... what else do we have in common?

Lisa Renéa said...

Your not alone, Tracy. Love me some candy corn. Dakota has some microwave popcorn that is candy corn flavored--I wasn't crazy about it..but it smells wonderful!

lauren said...

well, i respect and support your seasonal craving...but even if we were on a desert island (or in this case a DESSERT island) with nothing but candy corn to eat...yours would STILL be safe from me! :)

i know it's weird...but i've just never seen the point of non-chocolate candy. i'd sooner have fruit. sad, but true.

(ps have to laugh at will having a "way" to eat candy corn...that sounds like ME!!! not the candy corn part...but the "way"!!!)

Sue McGettigan said...

I make myself physically ill on candy corn every year :) it's an addiction ...

tina said...

Tracy, you can have alllllllllllll my candy corn. Not much candy is safe from me in our house, but I will never touch these. Well, except for the strange urge to make some vampire teeth by pushing them onto my eye-teeth for fangs. Did I just admit that???

Donna Layton said...

I like my buttercream any way you want to serve it! Especially if it's chocolate butter cream. Heaven. You almost make me want to eat candy corn. Did you like the candy corn Will sent? Had you had it before??

Cindy said...

oh my gosh! Me and Mom too. We like those little pumpkins too. They are shaped different, but to me taste just like candy corn. Yep, it's a fav, pure sugar I'm sure. LOL.