Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A trip to Halloween Past - circa 1989

I promised Dinosaur pics

I have the same problem here as in my scrapbooking - not being able to choose the pics - so you're getting them all! But of course he was (and is) so darned cute i didn't think anybody'd mind. And besides you need a few pics to see all those spines starting from the top of his head and going down to the bottom of that tail. Each piece lovingly stuffed with volumes of that white stuffing stuff (what do you call that stuff? the word escapes me at the moment). I had to have been nuts even back then! Oh and don't forget to notice the gloves - too cute. I wish i'd thought to take pictures of his feet because there were shoe covers - to complete the look (don't want any sneakers peaking out to spoil the look). Tim Gunn would be proud - it was a complete ensemble and I made it work. But check out that kid in the picture. What a face - He absolutely adored this costume. You wouldn't know he had strep and had a fever of 103 now would you? That Halloween he was sick so we couldn't let him go to daycare - but we decided to let him trick or treat a few houses. He wanted to wear the costume so badly and show our neighbors. he was already on medication by then so i was only slightly pushing it. He and my husband went to a few houses and then came home.

ok... enough memory lane (that's Suzy Scrapbooker's department). Here's yesterday's postcard

A StampinUp! acorn from the Fall Whimsy set (discontinued i believe) - a little prismacolor and mineral spirits.

And here's todays:

the colors on the scan of this one aren't true - the red looks a little too purple and in fact its more to the cranberry. I used some other stamps from that Fall Whimsy set and then used a dauber to apply the inks. That was sorta fun. It doesnt need to be all perfect (and it really can't be) and i enjoyed playing around seeing what i'd get! (boy am i getting over my perfectionism!!!) ok kids. Gotta run. Long list of ta-doooo's one of them being sending some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (i baked yesterday) to that boy in the dinosaur costume. They're his favorites. Have a good one...


Will said...

Great costume! He's a lucky punk, my costumes all had those plastic masks you couldn't breath in or see very clearly through, never a home made one (the ghost of '80 does NOT count). The postcard with the fall leaves looks like you airbrushed those colors on. Great stuff.

June Houck said...

Is that Joseph? I did not realize he was blonde. Such a cutie!
I love the fall postcards, especially the leaves! So pretty.

Jean said...

how cute are these photos! I had one year where everything was fine, trick or treat wise until a friend's mother in law came out to peek in at my babies in their costumes (and me) in the car and as soon as she peered in, one of them threw up. As that was our first stop , that trick or treat night was OVER!

I love all your cards. do you sell them? You and June should have a business together! xox

Donna Layton said...

Oh so totally darling. He was such a cutie. Where does the time go?? I love these postcards.
I'll be back tomorrow for Annie's book. Jackson is climbing all over me. Better go give him some attention. How could he possibly need more???

Babsarella said...

The costume is fantastic, but the can SO TELL he LOVEs this costume. Your story brought back memories of one Halloween a few years back when Miss B was maybe 4 or 5. Halloween was on a Saturday, and we were in the doctor's office cuz she was sick. So cute, I can still remember one of the nurses wearing a cape. Anyhow, she was pretty sick, but I just could not have her missing the trick-or-treating, so we let her go to a few houses, and that made her happy...Love the great postcards too!!!

Lisa Renéa said...

Great postcards! Love the costume!
I'm tellin' ya, Tracy---ya got tooooo
much talent!

tina said...

OMG, if that had been my costume I'd have been dino-girl every day until I out-grew it!! Lovely postcards as well Miss T :)

lauren said...

oooooooooh the new pc's are gooooooorrrrrrrrrrgeous! (i gotta get out my mineral spirits and...dang what are they called...not tortellini...)

but DINO-KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!! yes, by all means, of course you had to post ALL the pics! how could you leave even ONE of those out??! they are absolutely PRICELESS!