Tuesday, March 20, 2007

what i been makin

okay so i've been making things and not posting them cos they were presents. so now that the recipient has received them i can post away. (Actually i did attempt a post of this yesterday but it disappeared into the cyber void. whatchagonnado)

So here's a card i made using some new stamps from www.characterconstructions.com The alpha stamps are Lizziebelle from www.purpleoniondesigns.com . And btw, birthday girl, the th is like that - linked together. the Lizziebelle alpha comes with a number of letters linked together (tt, th, ff). Lizziebelle is a clever girl you know so her alpha should be that way too. Anyhow, I used some acrylic paint, ink, colored pencils to color her in. Used some skinny black rickrack. The background is a paper bag - yes, i have issues throwing pretty things away but it worked out well in this case. You can't tell here but its a large birthday card - 6x12 - but sometimes it's fun to do something a little different, right?

The other thing i made is a felted purse. I fell in love with a cute purse I saw at http://cathyzielske.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/02/index.html - check the February 14th posting. I am rather new to this knitting thing but figured the directions didn't look too complicated. I am a good direction follower - so good that i ignored her notes that she was running out of yarn so she did less rounds of knitting. This made the purse a little shorter and perhaps cuter when it was smaller. However........ you live and learn. Regardless, i was quite pleased with my results. Here are the before and after (felting) pictures:
I wanna make myself one of these so I've already ordered the yarn - in a most dee-luxe shade of periwinkle (which is out of stock at the moment - sigh) I made this purse black as that is what the birthday girl wanted. Me - normally I'd probably pick black as its more practical but i'm just throwing caution to the wind - wild thing that I am. (ok... you can stop laughing now)
i definitely encourage anyone to try knitting one of these purses. It is so very easy. You need to know only one stitch. Yes, you make it on circular needles but i'm telling you - if i can do it - you can too.
Well, i'm going back to doing some cleaning now. I am surrounded and its gettin me down. i cannot function in this mess.


Will said...

Great job on the two gifts. Your birtday recipient was MOST pleased! The felting thing is absolutly amazing--magic sheer and simple magic. I tried crochet, but it was too frustrating. I can't imagine what knitting would do to me. Shutter!

Christa H. said...

PRETTTTTTTTY!! LOVE the bag and card! She can attach little flower pins or tie on a scarf or chop up al of those BINGO cards to dangle on LOL and it will match all of her outfits- I am sure D loved it! Awesome Tracy!!! You rock man!

Babsarella said...

LOVE the card and the purse!!! Both are just EXCEPTIONAL!!! I am sure the birthday girl was head-over-heels with joy at receiving these lovely from-the-heart gifts (I know I would be)!

Donna said...

Birthday girl is still head over heals about this purse! I can't believe how tough it is. You simply cannot damage it. I really love it and want to learn to knit. Can't believe it's that easy.
Also, on the "th" in the Lizziebelle alpha, I realized after I blogged about it that the "th" combo was included in the alpha. Not sure how I remembered....it just popped into my head at some point. I wish I had numbers. Never satifisfied.