Sunday, March 11, 2007

peek at the birdie

here's a little peek at a card i did for a friend who has been very busy and hasn't come out to play much. i thought she needed something cute to pick up her spirits. i'll post the whole card after she's received it. That's one of the little birdie stamps i carved not long ago. i thought he looked kinda cute on the patterned paper with a little colored pencil mcpt'd. And the alpha stamps are Purple Onion Designs - Submarine.
Last nite we rented the movie Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell and Emma Thompson. I love Emma Thompson but that movie - i just had a tough time staying awake. It was entertaining but - well there was a beginning, middle and end but no excitement. nothing to distinguish one moment from the next.. monotone. I cannot describe adequately what was wrong with it other than to say I think it would have been a better book. Interesting premise but thats it.
ok i'm off - things to do. Clean up the mess i made attempting to do some St. Patrick's Day cards. i did not like what i came up with. i may or may not post in the near future.


Will said...

that's just the cutest thing. I bet that little chick is glad he missed the "egg cup." At the mall Saturday I saw more egg cups than ever and thought of you every time. When I find the right one it's coming home to you. You'll adopt won't you?

Babsarella said...

I love the snippet of the card, and that stamp is ADORABLE!!! Too funny that you rented that movie. I also rented it this weekend, and we fell asleep too. (Of course we did not start it til about 10 pm, and I'm sure the glass of wine didn't help). It is due back today, so I am gonna try and rewatch it tonight. It really seemed like it would be better than what little bit I have already seen. Hmmm.

KraftyKerilou said...

Lovee that little birdie!! Reminds me of the chickadee I just saw on my railing...I am so yearning for the sound of that robin!! I am so glad things are going so well for you, know I wish you only the best...your creative juices are certainly flowing!! Take care, sweets! Keri

Donna said...

Boy, I wish I could buy that stamp. It is too darling. I actually think I would use it. Can't wait for said friend to receive it. She needs a pick-me-up. Hope you have a better day today with your St. Patrick's revelry!

Christa H. said...

oh good grief-
that is one CUTE birdie
spring...spring...spring...chant w/ me LOL

tina said...

Thank you miss T, I love that birdie even more knowing you carved him. I'm a sucker for feathered friends :) You're too good to me!