Thursday, March 08, 2007

thursday thoughts

don't you just love a little alliteration in the morning?

ok i decided i'd post a few random things

i love : it stems from that annoying habit my mom had, all the while we were growing up, to say "why don't we look it up?" if we had a question on spelling or about a topic -we had a nice dictionary at home and 2 different encyclopedias that got a lot of use. nowadays kids (and grownups like me) just go online. But when i was a kid i would always wonder - how can i look up a word if i don't know how to spell it?

i love my rapidograph and my kneaded eraser: both of which can be seen in the picture below. for that matter i love my mechanical pencil. how does one love a pencil, mechanical or otherwise - a musing for another day.

i love american idol on thursday nites: hopefully that new jersey girl (antonella) will bid a fond farewell. normally i'd be a new jersey girl's biggest fan but this one needs to go home.

i love that i got some more scrapbooking done: i'm picking things from my ready-to-go file (its a plastic milk crate filled with very large ziplocs that have pictures etc in each one. when i have the makings of a page, i put them in a bag and put the bag into the crate til i have time to do the page. i have oooscoobs* of bags in that crate - its about time i'm getting going on them. The page i did is about my daughter and her braces. duh....She has had the first stage of her braces on for months now. During her spring break they're going to put on the front braces. I had the pic i took the day she got the braces and i had the paper - so i decided to set up the layout with the picture i have and leave spaces for the other 2 pics i know i'll take. No fancy page with a bunch of embellishments. I did however use my favorite Purple Onion Designs stamps - Garamouche - for the titles. taking a picture was a whole lot faster than all that scanning and merging blah blah.

i love seeing pictures of peoples desks/creating spaces - whatever you wannacallit:take a look at donna's blog - a link is on your right. Care to share a pic of yours?
blogger is giving me a fit right now so i'll go gold some laundry (that, for the record is something i don't love)
***oooscoobs - i read that word in a book i'm reading - very descriptive isn't it?


Donna said...

Love those pages. Can you believe you have a couple of pages complete before you've even taken the pictures?? That's got to feel good.
Do you know I still look up my words in my trusty Webster's dictionary?? Sitting right here at the computer, I reach up and grab the Webster's. Nostalgia I suppose. Or, more likely, dial-up.
I wish I had a rapidograph. I know I'd love it. Need to make the investment.
We're together on American Idol and I also love looking at people's studios. It's the nosy in me. I love to look at every nook and cranny. You should get the book Where Women Create. Love looking at that book.

Christa H. said...

yes- yes- I wanted that girl booted off too- am sad to see the curly haired girl gone though- she looked like Barbra Str. to me...
I had a rapidograph back in 91 when I did drawings and painted them in- I think I clogged it up and threw it out.
Great pages T- I have been trying to take as many pics as I can to remember it all. Time is flying by. I got a good one of Hunter in the ortho chair with his mouth wide open when they were taking off his braces- cool pic but not one to put on the blog LOL- fun memories

Sue McGettigan said...

Lovely pages, and yes, I do like to kick off the day with a little alliteration :) I got a dictionary as a gift on my 8th birthday and have never recovered from the joy of word seeking - love dictionaries (and the encyclopaedia).