Saturday, March 03, 2007

there should be a law & theresa anne

the day finally came - i cleaned my refrigerator. it isn't that i hadn't noticed it was dur-tee.
its one of those jobs that takes all morning.
or in this case, part o'the mornin and part o'this afternoon.
to even bother with it - its gotta be dirty in the first place - check.
then it has to be saturday - check
(why saturday? for some strange reason it was the day my mom always gottaroundtuit - so i guess it just sorta is our thing - we theresa's - more on that in a minute)
this is not a fancy refrigerator. i was looking through a magazine of my mom's recently and saw some lovely refrigerators in some ad and thought now would i want that? hmmm. No, she replied. i guess not. for various and sundry reasons it wasn't for me but it sure was purty.
Back to the cleaning - it you're gonna bother you have to take the whole thing apart. Of course, one wipes up the spills as they happen but to really clean it - you gotta disassemble. hence the all morning event.
there should be some kind of law about not cleaning on saturday is all i was thinking. course, no one made me. just the filth in the bottom of the refrigerator screaming my name is all.
I'm telling you -- you can eat off the thing now, its so shiney.
Now Theresa Anne - i'm a junior. Really. Actually once in school, for Valentine's Day a boy addressed my Valentine that way. Theresa Jr. bee-zar huh? Anyway, i'm named after my mother and i suppose it fits. When you name your children you just never know do you - if their name will really suit them. In this case, however, i'm as nuts as my mom. who knew? Now i'm happy to report i'm workin on the crazee everyday. Being a little less anal retentive as the days go by. Perhaps its my age or my exhaustion or my laziness finally coming to the fore. Whatever - i'm not quite so nuts about every little thing and that is something for which i'm grateful. I was working on a scrapbook page yesterday and decided i'd like to use some of my lovely Purple Onion designs stamps - the Great Circus ones. So beautiful and i thought they'd look just perfect on the pages. I stamped them and it's not quite perfect but you know, it looks good - see what i'm talking about:
There was a time when the lack of perfection woulda driven me up the proverbial wall and back again but not anymore. Aren't they just the prettiest stamps ever? I will finish up the layout and post it shortly.


Christa H. said...

I think it's groovy baby...
didn't know you weren't really a Tracy!
I need to listen to you and cut back on my analness LOL

Donna said... first I thought it was a font. I see nothing imperfect about it. There IS nothing imperfect about it.
Don't talk to me about dirty refrigerators. I'm to the point of shoving stuff in and slamming the door shut. I HATE cleaning the fridge.

Babsarella said...

Oh I really ROCK those stamps. I do LOVE that font!!! Oh, and DON'T make me clean that fridge. yuck. I would rather be doin something fun.