Monday, March 26, 2007

furniture and margaritas and partially seen movies

ok so this weekend we got a huge thing out of the way. The husband had finally painted the office a few weeks ago. This room had been the daughters place of business for quite a while (did homework there, her computer was there etc) but the husband wanted to reclaim it for his own. Before he painted he and she moved all her things down to the rec room. The stage was set for him to finally paint which he did and now it needed furnishing.
A few years back we'd looked at furniture for the room - came up empty - which is how it ended up not becoming his office but our daughter's. :-)
So this weekend our mission was to find him a desk at minimum. We ended up doing much better. A whole L-shaped office thingy. Lovely cherry desk with hutch. Should fit perfectly and will be delivered on Thursday. He can't stand it he's so pleased. I'm happy 'cos its done and now i don't have to hear about it anymore.
On Saturday night the daughter went with a friend and his father down into DC to hear some jazz. This left us, the parents, delightfully free to do as we pleased. We picked a Mexican restaurant as the daughter isn't fond of that cuisine, she was busy otherwise, and we could do whatever we wanted - so there! :-)
I made the mistake of having a Margarita - at my husband's urging. Mistake for me as all beverages of this kind will put me in a very sleepy mode. We had a delicious dinner - and on home to watch a movie- Video on Demand is what they call it. The movie was Hollywoodland (about George Reeves - the actor who played Superman in my youth) with Diane Lane and Ben Affleck. Anyway i had really been looking forward to seeing it - and after the movie started we realized we could not DVR it. Bummer because i had a sneaking suspicion the margarita would kick in just after the movie did. Next thing i know the daughter is coming in the door and i realized the movie was long over.
Perhaps we should just do a good old-fashioned rental from the video store (and no margaritas)?


Donna said...

So that video on demand isn't like pay per view? What a pain to be unable to record it. I'm the same way with drinking. Either gives me a headache or makes me sleepy. It's just not my thing.
Glad the office stuff is D-O-N-E!

Sue McGettigan said...

Didja know you can watch the 'In Demand' movie as many times as you like for 24 hours? My genius kiddos told me about that one ... amazing.

Christa H. said...

oh margaritas! and was that the Mexican place we went to when I visited? yummy
my favorite food!