Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm not obsessing - I'm scrapbooking

I really wish I could display these better ie side by side. In real life they look so much nicer and the color isn't quite right however - you get the idea.
My mother recently gave me the original professional portraits of me as a baby. I was wanting to get started on this mile high pile of stuff i want to scrapbook and this was on top of the pile. Along with it i decided to include a photo of me and my Dad as well as the label card that was on my basinette in the hospital nursery. Isn't that card the most wonderful thing? Of course my mom had saved it and knew i would want it. I hope you can see that my last name, Fisher, was rubber stamped on the card. Makes you think i was destined to rubber stamp right from the start huh?
In case you were wondering the paper is Anna Griffen - i have had it forever and when i looked at the nursery card i thought "i know that color pink". I went to my paper stash and sure enough, it was the same pink as the AG paper. The AG paper is an unusual shade of pink. Not a traditional pink - more of a vintage pink is the best way i can describe it. Anyway a little cardstock, some grosgrain ribbon and my sewing machine and i was done.
I'm keeping to a promise made to myself - i'm not going to obsess - i'm going to scrapbook. The journaling is addressed to my children. While i am saving the memories for them, the actual activity of scrapbooking is for me. But i want to enjoy myself instead of making myself nuts. And i am happy to say this was pure fun for me.


Will said...

That is great, you were one cute baby. I don't think my Mom has anyghing of mine from when I was a baby, so you are lucky. Mildred probably has the thermometer wrapper that the nurse used for her first temp. That girl has a box of cancelled checks from her granddad for god's sake! BTW the widget came from I really like that place, I have to be careful not to make my space a whitetrach widget gallery.

Babsarella said...

Oh these pages are LOVELY!!! And you know, I think I have one of those same cards!! I spotted the AG paper immediately!! One of my favs. And the very vintage. I love it!!! Went shopping with Blair and found some dresses in this exact shade and the similar dusty blue. We were in LOVE with them (til we saw the price).

Donna said...

Such a beautiful layout. How perfect is the vintage pink for a vintage baby?? Fisher truly is rubber stamped onto the card. Wow. I didn't really register that the first time I looked at the layout. Seems amazing they actually did that. Can you imagine doing something like that these days? Yeah right. I don't have the themometer cover from my first temp (actually I don't think they made those back then William), but I do have my teeny, tiny little beaded pink and white bracelet that says, "cannon." It's pretty cool. You were a cute little baby Tracy....haven't changed much. A bit bigger with highlighted hair!

carlene federer said...

What adorable photos! And I love that AG paper, I've still got a piece saved up in my stash, lol!

Penny L. Richards said...

I have that same exact bassinet card! Oh, um, not with your name on it or anything...that would be too Twilight Zone. But our hospitals must have bought their blanks from the same supplier. (Love that stork--because seriously, when you've just given birth, the whole stork mythology seems especially ridiculous.) My own bassinet cards seem to have faded to a paler pink than yours, but it's definitely the same design.

You were a cutie--how fun to have that photo.

Penny L. Richards said...

Whoops, no, just noticed the tiny little PET Milk can on the card--they weren't bought, they were freebies from the PET Milk people. Does yours have "Congratulations Dad!" on the back, with visiting instructions? Apparently they were supposed to hold these cards up to the nursery window to see the right baby!