Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sanjaya - cut, fold, crumple and squash

I enjoy American Idol. I love Melinda - she's my favorite although I wonder if she can win - a discussion for another day. But Sanjaya. This strangeness needs to leave the show. Of course if he leaves then there is little to make fun of - but i digress.
Yesterday, the Washington Post had a hilarious article in their Style section. I meant to post this yesterday and forgot. So for your amusement please visit
At the end of the article you'll see a link to print and fold your own Sanjaya paper doll. This is what they had in the paper - i plan to crumple and squash mine tonite as i watch him survive yet another elimination. When i watched last night i wondered which worthy contestant (who won't win but should have had a few more weeks in them) will be sacrificed in his place. The last 2 weeks i felt bad for Brandon and Stephanie. Apparently when you are in the top 10 you get to go on the road for the American Idol tour - those 2 won't have their chance at a years worth of work because this kid made it into the top 10. Whether its that or Howard Stern urging his listeners to vote for Sanjaya - it still is a shame.


Babsarella said...

Oh DON'T get me started!!! It is just WRONG that he is still there. AND that HAIR last night...What the ???? was he thinking???? Honestly he HAS to go!!!

Babsarella said...

I just checked the article and I was LMAO!!! TOO FUNNY!!! Must show Blair!

Will said...

Girl! I could not believe it when I saw it. It is absolutley ridiculous. I can't believe it either. You should hear Mildred and I, not flattering at all and certainly NOT Christian. But the gloves are off! He must be eliminated.

Will said...

i just went to the article link, LOLPIMPROFL! I just with he had an exit sign on his head. I think, no I know VH-1 will have this doofus on their, "I love the 05's" episode. they have to. That hairdo will not go away. I just with he would.

Christa H. said...

I don't remember the Post being so cool...we got it every day as I grew up
After looking at those pictures- he looks better bald than Phil does LOL