Saturday, March 10, 2007

Irish Alert

being that i'm the daughter of a first generation Irish American I am attuned to all things St. Patrick's Day at this time of year - and most of the rest of the year.
I've posted my grandmother's Irish Soda Bread in the past - check my March 2005 post, Will.

I was thinking I'd like to try and make some cards this year - hopefully later today. I have some stamps, some buttons. Also just found some images that might come in handy.
Check this out:
St. Patrick's Day Countdown Calendar


Christa H. said...

LOL- I was thinking about your bread recipe 2 days ago...I nnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddd to make it!! Yummy!

Will said...

That bread sounds scrumptious. I have never had soda bread before. I will have to make that and let you know about it. Does it toast well? I have a recipe that might be delicious with your bread it used raisin bread though, but it might just work with this one. First, make some scallion cream cheese ( 8 oz. cream cheese mixed with a bunch of finely chopped scallions until smooth and incorporated). Now spread your soda bread with the onion cheese, a slice of deli sliced turkey then fresh basil leaves. It's yummy. Try it and see what you think. It came from a Barefoot Contessa cookbook.

Donna said...

Geez...William's comments are even long! I want him to make the bread for me. Can't wait to see your St. Patrick's cards. I don't think there is a holiday in existance that you don't make cards for....well, maybe not President's Day ;).

Lisa said...

Thanks for the link!