Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Fluff

its that alliteration thing again

- plus this is a bit of fluff - literally and figuratively.

Holly is a bit of a fluffy thing wouldn't you agree? I'm sure all cats seek out the laundry basket but this cat will seek out anything that is mine - if it is my clothes in the basket, she is sure to find her way into said basket. If i leave a pair of my socks on the floor, she will sit on them. She loves me and I, her. And how could you resist this cuteness, I ask you?

Since i'm on the subject of cats, I thought i'd post this card i made for my nephew and his girlfriend who visited recently. They have 2 kids of their own - furry kids i should say. And Frankie and Holly took to the girlfriend right away. So she is a keeper we think. I know they'll appreciate the card. Thats a Cats Life Press stamp.

Oh i forgot to mention we rented The Departed last weekend. Rent it. It is just the best movie I've seen in ages. Yes, it's violent and they swear a lot - but both make sense in the plot line and OH what a story. Just the best story. Keeps you glued to your seat for the entire what - 150 minutes. Normally, that long a movie would be rough for me to sit through - but i swear it was over before i knew it.
This weekend the son is returning to school. The week really flew. I'm gonna miss that funny kid a whole lot.


Christa H. said...

Your kitty reminds me of my Gidget- I just love kitties- they are the BEST pets
Cute card LOL- great stamp too
....know how you feel ...Helen just came home for her spring break so we get to do girl stuff for 9 days! yippee!

Donna said...

Well, you've been a bloggin'! Love the way the cat background turned out. Makes a great card. Isn't it funny how Holly goes to your stuff? Only animals can give such blatant preferential treatment. It's kinda nice to be the recipient, although, it can also be annoying at times.