Sunday, April 01, 2012

fringe fun

  Now I have had these Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors for forever. I've used them a few times to create just that - fringe. But I saw a video recently that made me want to try and make these little fun fringed bows. Now aren't these just the cutest things? I had shared the video with my sister - who also likes to make things :-) - and asked her if she'd like some fringe scissors for her birthday.  She said "oh yeah".
So I'll be packaging up some tissue paper, doilies, along with a pair of  fringe scissors and sending them off this week to my dear little sister so she can be a fringe bow makin fool too!
I made these 3 bows last night in no time - really it takes just a few minutes and its almost foolproof. I used the recommended hot glue and it's been a while since I've glue gunned (translation: a few burned fingers... ) but once I made the first one I was on a roll.  Now I need to wrap up some goodies I'm mailing off to my daughter who is celebrating a special birthday this week :-) I'll be back with a few cards soon.

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