Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here's today's Postcard from home.
I used some foam stamps from Making Memories, versamark, brilliance ink, and holographic embossing powder (the graininess is due to the ep... but its still kinda cool. i don't think the scan shows how sparkly it is.. love that holographic ep!)
I love snowflakes - don't you? I was never good at making them with paper and scissors and I still don't know quite why. No matter. I've got a few snowflake stamps and, for the most part, those always come out lookin nice.
I enjoy those snowflake makers you can find online - they're a lot of fun. You can make as many snowflakes as you want and there's no mess to clean up!
Here's a few links to those snowflake makers.
Give them a try - it's a lot of fun!


June Houck said...

Pretty! I love snowflakes too :)

~Laura~ said...

Nice blog can I put you in mine as a favorite? I enjoy your art, I do some mixed media also - just started couple months ago - lovin it.

tina said...

I'm a snowflake junkie, just trying to choose which flakes will make it onto my Christmas cards this year. TOo many choices! :D

lauren said...

ooh this is cooooool! (sorry--for once the pun was UN-intentional!) i'm loving snowflakes this year too! ...ON CARDS, that is...i don't want any irl, ta very much!!! (hear that, mother nature?!) :)

Jean said...

I love this, love this, love this! and I have to say that your Christmas tree card which is perfecly beautiful is going to prompt my next blog.

Sue McGettigan said...

So beautiful!! Not having lived anywhere snowy I'm still fascinated by snowflakes, love 'em!