Saturday, November 24, 2007

after the turkey

we've been just hanging out. No Christmas shopping being done around here. I have no idea what any one wants. Note to self: harrass family for gift ideas.

I have been working on my Christmas cards. Here's a picture i took of the pieces (i think there are 2 stacks of pieces missing come to think of it - think card sized mats - the red being slightly smaller than the green just like the small mats you do see here). There is also ribbon involved. Last night I ran out of ribbon. I started with a roll of 1/4" grosgrain and I ran through that on the first 40 cards. I found some matching satin ribbon in my stash o'ribbon and I ran through that so i'm back to the store today to get more - along with more glue dots and double stick tape. During the week the American Crafts glitter marker I did have ran out and I was able to find 2 more at AC Moore (that was a lucky find too let me tell you - they weren't trying to sell those markers in the store if you ask me - hidden in a cranny in the store). So once I replenish the aforementioned supplies I think I'll be able to finish these babies by tomorrow.

Here's one pic from the last few days. I don't know if you're familiar with the comic strip Mutts but it's a favorite around here. Not just cos the author is from New Jersey (although that is reason enough in my book) or that he does these wonderful tips of the artist hat to famous artists and designers in the Sunday title panels (I enjoy seeing them every Sunday) or the fact he promotes pet adoptions (both my cats were adopted :-)) - its a great strip and always makes me laugh and or think a little. I'm particularly fond of Mooch.
If you check out Mooch's obsession, it is his Lil Pink Sock. And as you can see from the photo - Frankie loves my little pink socks too! I went into my bedroom and in the sitting room area I found Frankie on the couch, fast asleep, with his sweet little head resting on my socks. Isn't he a cutie? Yesh!
A couple of Christmas' ago I took some old pink socks (not the ones pictured) and filled them with catnip and tied up the ends and presented them to Frankie and Holly. Let me tell you - big hit. But Frankie in particular likes his catnip. Those socks have been all around the house and Frankie can often be found playing with his sock (since refilled with fresh catnip a few times over). Silly boy my Frankie.


lauren said...

ooooooooh here come the tracy xmas cards! can't wait!! can't wait!!! the *ingredients* look TOTALLY the finished products will be FAB!

Jean said...

those cards will be elegant.

and your cat--I love your cat!!!

cindy said...

Oh how sweet! Yes, we love the "Mutts" strip around here as well. I will have to try the sock toy. Sounds like a winner.

June Houck said...

You have done great with your goal of finishing by today! Almost there. I can't wait to see the final product.

That Frankie is one handsome dude :)

Babsarella said...

Awwwe so sweet!!! You are mighty ambitious to make all your cards!!! Can't wait to see them!

Donna Layton said...

That's such a cute picture of Frankie and I cannot figure what you're doing with the marker. I've seen the finished card and I'm not seeing the marker. Is it for the inside?