Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy November!

I can hardly believe it is November.

October just flew by - just like yesterday.
Here's yesterday's postcard. (that StampinUp! Botanicals set again. It has a toile-like look doesn't it?)

And here's today's postcard:

This one is using just the leaf stamp from that set stamped on top of a background made with a palette stamp (stamped a few times) using chalk inks.
Now that we're in November we'll be speeding toward Thanksgiving and Christmas - not that we mean to but doesn't it work out that way? I know I'm already thinking Christmas cards and plans for the holidays. Even in the grocery store last week I saw them consolidating the Halloween stuff so they'd have more room for the Christmas stuff. Which had been out for a while already.
Kinda makes you wanna scream doesn't it? oh well. Too much thinkin for so early in the morning. Have a great day all


Babsarella said...

Great postcards. I especially love that botanical stamp...very nice!!! Yep, I was just thinkin the same thing...gotta get my butt in gear for the holidays cuz they will be here before you know it!!!

cindy said...

Your postcards are beautiful. I love the first one, it does look like toile. I love it. And yep, the holiday will be here before we know it.

Jean said...

these are really spectacular!

June Houck said...

That botanical one is my fav. Classy and classic, like you!

lauren said...

*definitely* toile-like. awesomely toile-like, in fact!
(& the leafy one is mucho coolio, tambien!) :)

Donna Layton said...

I kwim about Christmas being around too fast. Seems to get worse every year. Then, when you make stuff for Christmas, you have to get an early start so I guess there is no getting around it.
I love that botanicals set. Did you stamp the leaves on the inked palette stamp?? I forgot about that cool technique. It looks great.