Monday, December 03, 2007

Between this and that

I haven't gotten on here to post anything new. Matter of fact, I put the postcards from home on hold cos I needed to get various and sundry other things done. I hated doing that - but after 71postcards I don't think it's too bad to take a short break, do you?

Today, I'll be taking these cards to the post office and sending them on their way. Finally. I will say right up front I didn't come up with this card all on my own. I saw a version of it on Splitcoaststampers. I don't remember whose card it was so I can give credit however when I saw that card I thought it was pretty and it looked like something I'd make. I changed the sentiment and used an American Crafts Glitter marker for the berries. (which may be mistletoe really, right Amy? but i think it looks equally as nice with red berries. I don't think we have to be botanically correct for Christmas do we Joan? ;-)) I think I mentioned previously I had run out of grosgrain ribbon and switched over to some satin ribbon. I almost like the satin better.

I've made a few things over the past few days with my new damask stamp from Purple Onion Designs. I am in love with this stamp. I started off by just stamping it all over a sheet of cardstock and embossing with clear EP. Doesn't it look just like fabric?

I used a piece of that to make this card. I had a scrap of some polished stone technique cardstock leftover on which I stamped the angel. I added some german scrap that I embossed with gold EP to make it match up better with the polished stone. well gee it's getting late and I gotta get moving for the day. I'll be back to show you something else i made with my faux fabric


dotswood said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy seeing your art...whether it be post cards or cards. You are one talented lady and a very sweet mom!!


Babsarella said...

I love your holiday pretty and elegant. Love the sparkly bling of the glitter too...just the right touch!!! The stamp...oh my gosh!!!! TOTALLY DIVINE!!! The embossing...genius. I added the TIOAO to the back of mine this morning so it will be all ready for me when I get home. Too bad I promised to make pork chops for dinner...I wanted to get an early start!!!

Lisa Renéa said...

Wow! These are faboo! Love the colors, backgrounds & stamps!

Jean said...

wow you stun me! these are fabulous!!!

lauren said...

your holiday cards are
(that damask stamp is also VERY cool...especially the way you have used it.)

tina said...

Oooh la la- I love how that new POD stamp turned out, and your Christmas cards are perfect.

June Houck said...

Both are breathtaking! I love the elegance and beauty of your Christmas card and that damask is wonderful :)

michelle cook infantino said...

gorgeous damask!!!!!!! wow.

Amy Sheffer said...

Botanically correct ... who me? ;) I absolutely LOVE it! The satin ribbon is scrumptious. Moving right along ... that damask stamp is way cool. Your embossed page DOES look like fabric. WOW! I was just on the Purple Onion website a few days ago, and saw your work in the gallery. Cool!

Amy Sheffer said...

I just had to come back and leave another comment, because I didn't realize you were planning to send me one of your Christmas cards. It's even better IRL! I was so touched that you sent one to me. Thanks :)

Donna Layton said...

Let me tell you that it won't be long before you can't hide shit from me anymore because I'll have high speed and won't be getting so behind with the blogs.
Actually, your scan of this card turned out really good. The only thing that is impossible to capture is the MOST AMAZING polished stone I've ever seen. It's fricking pearl!! I don't think I can get that color with those inks.
I kinda like commenting on something that's about to roll to the other page because I can cuss freely without fear of offending someone!
I just unburied myself from the artroom and am still quite far from finishing the teachers gifts. I'll start early in the morning. The thinking part is done so it should move pretty fast now. I can actually take til Wednesday because that's the last day of school. Their party is tomorrow, but I'll just tell the teachers I'm a schmuck and need another day. I'll write in the morn before I get started in the artroom.
Night night.