Monday, November 05, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

you know with Daylight Savings Time I should feel less tired.
but all this jet-setting is not for me
I feel too pooped to pop (yes Will, we say that too! since i was a little girl it was always a most apt description of being tired)
All the running around before hand (so that we could go away) and the getting up at the crack of dawn (i think 5am is actually before the crack....) - the stress of leaving everything in the hands of other people and realizing I could do nothing if something went wrong - welll.... when we arrived in Detroit on Saturday morning we had plenty of time before the wedding so the husband and I said lets get in a nap now. He lies down and is asleep in perhaps two seconds. I was so wound up it took me an hour to fall asleep.
(This is extremely not me - i can fall asleep anywhere, at anytime. I just think sleep and I'm gone! So you can imagine my frustration.)
Of course I called home a few times - my son (who had come up from school to keep an eye on all this weekend) assured me all was well. And it was.
And we had a lovely time. It was all so well planned out - all we had to do as appear at the prescribed times and places and we were whisked here and there and it was so easy and nice not to have to think - for just a day. Do you know what i'm talkin about? I bet you do.
Here's today's postcard - a little thank you to my son for coming up and taking care of things so well. (I hadn't stamped in gosh - 48 or more hours so i was a little over the top however - those are Wordsworth alpha stamps - colored in with some random brush markers)
He left late yesterday afternoon.
This morning of course I'm playing catch-up. I love ketchup but not catch-up. Ugh. Piles of laundry and a doctor's appointment for my Mom. The only saving grace is that my daughter has off school today (teacher workshop thingy) and tomorrow (election day - VOTE PEOPLE!). So this morning I slept in until 7 am! Ahhhhhhhhhh
Now i gotta run....


Babsarella said...

Sounds like you had a great time and everything was smooth as silk. Hope all is ok with Mom and you enjoyed your extra sleep!!! Pretty postcard too!!

lauren said...

looooove this p/c...glad the weekend was FUN...if exhausting...the right week for daylight savings hijinks tho, eh?! :)

Donna Layton said...

So, does Will think you are in another country or something?? RETARD. I think I have that one wordsworth alpha. The one without the boxes. It was one I wanted for 2 years and finally got it. I've never used it. Go figure.
I'm glad all went well. I knew it would.

Will said...

It's a fair question to ask. There are many coloquial phrases that are very regional. To think otherwise would be RETARDED, Mildred! We need to find a new friend Tracy, I'll start looking for one tomorrow.

June Houck said...

I'm glad you had a nice weekend and a welcome change of routine. Good Joseph, holding down the fort. He's a keeper; his mother's son?
Another great postcard. Cool how you have made so many and they all look different.

Lisa Renéa said...

Fab postcard Tracy! Hope you get caught up on the rest soon, ya know, I call the daylight savings time, the abyss of black funk. I hate it.