Friday, July 13, 2007

M&M's, potato chips, pepperoni pizza and the big guy upstairs

we ordered pizza as is our custom on Friday nite - i cook enough the rest of the week - Friday is my night off. I picked it up, brought it home and set it in the oven to get it all warmed up. While i was waiting i rememberd my son (who happens to work at the pizza place ) told me the other day to check the label on the pizza box next time we ordered. I was pleased to know that the management is pretty major - nice to know my pizza experience is not too small a concern for the big guy.
(ok.... his name is christopher but the whole thing won't fit. my son assures me no matter your affiliation - they got all bases covered. There are also managers named Jesus and Mohammed.)
ok that was fun :-)
some cards i've made recently:

i know they're entirely different. i'm kinda all over the map lately. The enjoy card was more for fun and the 'thinking of you' was for a very dear old friend who i know was having a tough time today.
Okay - i've also promised to post some ATC's i've made recently. some of you have seen these over at 2peas but for the benefit of some friends who don't go there -here we go:

I made the POD girl atc (by the way isn't she a cutie pie? she and her mom can be found at So Listen Up! ) and that got the ball rolling. I thought i'm going to make some more ATC's using my favorite rubber stamps - from Purple Onion Designs. I actually made a few more (ATC's are sorta like potato chips - well for some people its potato chips - me - its M&M's. once you have one you can't stop. you get the idea. Insert your favorite junk food you can't stop eating, k?) but I think i'll save those for tomorrow or the next day. have a good nite all.


June Houck said...

Wow! What a post!!! Love the pizza name story. Thinking of you card so lovely. I see what you mean about the enjoy the fun circles and that enjoy font is perfect for it. ATCs: love the girl upset over getting a dumb ole doll:) and the Purple Onion girl is adorable.

Sue McGettigan said...

ROFL - the big buy is looking out for your pizza - cool :)

Babsarella said...

Wow!! Lots of great cards and ATCs!! That pizza box is just too funny!!!

KraftyKerilou said...

Oh,man, those ATC's are awesome!! I love them all!!

Donna said...

Of course I've seen these and they are darling. Wish I could make funny things. Don't know why I can't because I think I'm funny. The pizza box is hilarious!