Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Miss Linda Lou from the Bday Queen

Sunday is my good friend Linda's birthday - let's hear it for miss linda lou! The birthday queen wishes lots of cake, ice cream and presents to you!

For Linda's birthday a group of us, led by the wonderful Miss Tina, decided to shower Linda with some ATC's.

Here's my ATC for Linda:

I decided LInda also needed a birthday card so here's what i sent her:
As you can see I don't think there can ever be enough birthday or enough crowns for said birthday. When it's your day - you are queen (or king as the case may be ) and you rule!
(all the alphabet stamps are Purple Onion Designs btw!)
I know i've been absent for the past few days. I did indeed finish Harry Potter - omigosh it was wonderful. I tried my best to drag it out but i finished it pretty quickly. And i've even gone back and read the last few chapters again - it was so good. (So good in fact i've gone back to the first book and have about 30 pages left to read on that. Re-reading them all might be just what i do - after reading the last one going back to re-read them kinda puts it all in perspective. I know some of you non-HP people think I'm crazy but guess what? i don't care!)
Ok. I keep forgetting. A few weeks back I rented a wonderful double DVD set - documentary I'd love to recommend to anyone who enjoys true murder mysteries. I don't know why I find them fascinating but I do. For example I loved the book Fatal Vision - and the mini-series they made from it - just amazing. Anyway the documentary is called The Staircase. Our Blockbuster had it so I'm sure yours will too. I'd originally seen some of it on a free Sundance weekend on TV. I was so excited to see it was available to rent - and i highly recommend it. My husband and daughter and I watched both DVD's over two nights. We really didn't want to stop watching but it got too late so we finished up the following night. Get it...
Tonight we rented Premonition with Sandra Bullock. I'd be interested in hearing what anyone else thought of this movie. It started out one way and ended up in a completely different place (and as far as I was concerned the movie lost its way).
alrighty - cyalata


June Houck said...

I'm almost 1/2 way on book 6. Doug finished 7 in just two nights. He loved it and wants to reread it for same reasons you said. We saw premonition in the theater. Liked it, but thought they messed up the time line with the stickers on the sliding glass doors at the beginning and the daughter had no facial wounds. That bothered us; thought we missed something. We like the actor who plays the husband...he was yummy as "Cole" on the tv show "Charmed". We always wanted Cole & Phoebe to work it out, but by then "Cole" was already starring in that new tv show "Nip/Tuck".

Babsarella said...

Oh yes, LOVE the card and ATC!!! I saw Premonition in the theater and thought it was ok, but challenging to watch. Not the ending I was hoping for either. Oh well, can't like them all I guess!

Jean said...

I love your cards and happy birthdays always make me glad! I haven't seen that movie! the last one I saw with her was that lake cottage one...with Keanu Reeves!

lauren said...

i love, adore, admire, regard and *YEARN FOR* your ATC's!!!!! ...and i couldn't agree more about birthdays & crowns...tho i'd actually quite like one in real life, too! :)

(ps: i saw "the staircase" & agree with you; a (fictional) thriller i enjoyed very much recently was "zodiac"; and a suspense film that plays with time in--to me--a more interesting way than "premonition" was "deja vu"...starring the lovely & talented denzel washington.)

(pss: i cannot remember offhand if those 2 are PG-13 or R; if that's a concern to you, check before renting?)

lauren said... again...just wanted to say THANK YOU for your help! (that thread is BY FAR the best thing i've seen online in one place, and i had NOT found it on my own!!!) :)

Joan Y said...

Lucky Linda! My birthdays stretch out to a week ... and some years if I'm lucky, they stretch to a month! Being a queen for that long is niiiiice. Great card Tracy!

Donna Layton said...

My brother is a major book rereader. He has read many of his favorite books over and over. One time he finished a book and read again right then. I've tried to reread books I love, but what happens to me is just before something major happens, I remember it and it sort of spoils it for me. I'm not sure I explained that right. I can watch movies I love over and over. I hate that I can't reread books. I actually think I'm the weird one. I need to give it another try.
I LOVED your ATC and card for Linda. You're great at b-day cards. I think it's because you are just plain good at making birthdays special.
I wondered how they could make that Sandra Bullock movie work. The previews looked a little mixed up and crazy. Sounds like they didn't make it work. Wonder if Barbara has seen it.

Donna Layton said...

Oh, she has seen it. Didn't like it either!

Linda M said...

Thank you. Just finding this...I'm slow. Love your queen.