Thursday, July 19, 2007

And now for something completely different

I am constantly reminded that having kids brings me to places i have never been before. Figuratively and literally.
The other day my daughter asked if I'd mind if she helped out with a local theater company. (translation for those of you without teenagers - or teenagers who do not have their license yet: can you chauffeur me everyday?)
Her good friend from school is in a Shakespeare production. They've been in a number of productions at school together - either on stage or behind the scenes. He knew she might be interested in helping out. I said sure and to get me the particulars. Turns out the play is being staged at an outdoor theater in a local historical park right here in the 'berg. (Everything around here is historical - heck - it's Virginia.) I'd heard of this park but have never been to it. And i'd always wanted to take a look. It's really surprising that I hadn't been there before - I used to do a lot of Girl Scouting things and I think i've been to just about every other site to see in the 'berg. Anyway this place is absolutely gorgeous. I brought my camera back yesterday when I dropped her off because the place is just so beautiful i needed to get some pictures. I didn't get as many as I'd liked. As I was on my way out of the grounds someone came up behind me and as there is only one road in and out - i had to move it. But here are a few photos i thought you might enjoy seeing:

this one is on the way into Morven Park. It's not the best (daughter was getting a little impatient with me and didnt want to be late LOL)

this next one is just past a parking area - cool gates huh?

then you drive past that brick wall for a short while and you come to this large clearing and see this

i cannot convey how large this mansion is - but if you look closely - or click on the photo for a better look you'll see a crane - some kind of construction vehicle. That might give an idea how big this place is - immense. i drove a little farther on and took another pic

after you pass the mansion there is a road that takes you along to some other houses and structures on the property that house other museums (for hounds and hunting and also one on carriages). It was a good place for me to turn around (there was also a sign that told me i'd better as there is a private home out there as well... i have no idea whose that is)

on my return back past the mansion i took this photo -

this clearing is opposite the mansion - on the other side of the road i was driving on.

Cozy little place huh?

One more picture - totally magical - they have gardens (with a greenhouse) where i believe the actual production is taking place. Just past the mansion, before you reach the parking area i saw this (hadn't seen in on the way in)

Gorgeous huh?
It is really something else - and all on the other side of my town. Amazing what treasures are just around the corner. The flip side of this beauty - when you go out there at night - it is totally spooky. There are NO lights. I take that back - i saw one small light in one of the administrative buildings but it was the sizze of the postage stamps in comparison to the entire place. When i was driving down the road to get to the parking lot the other night I had the feeling i was in The Blair Witch Project or something (that place isn't too far away either - in Maryland - maybe a half hour from here where they did all the filming). It was pitch black. The kids are all using flashlights. I'm worried one of them is gonna break a leg or something (what a mom i am huh?) There has been a lot of cloud cover lately so when i saw pitch black - i mean you could barely see in front of your face. The light from town was on the other side of the park so it didn't help much.
Well i need to do something productive today - and since i just heard the washer stop - i guess that means a few more loads of laundry at least! see ya lata


Donna said...

Wow. How beautiful. I would love to see the inside of that mansion. Is it closed up for renovation?

June Houck said...

Thanks for posting these pics. DH and I will have to make time to go over there one day. You are right, it is beautiful!

Babsarella said...

How lovely!! What a fun thing E's doing, and to be outside in a park should be so nice!!! Totally love that last photo!! So dreamy!!

Joan Yoshioka said...

Hey Tracy, great blog! Uh, btw, would you be interested in being tagged? I am looking for a choice few :). Email me at if you're interested, ok? Thanks! :)