Saturday, July 14, 2007

breakfast with Harry

well practically.
we (husband and daughter) wanted to see Harry Potter this weekend. We never go to the opening - we are not fans of crowded theaters. Originally we thought it might be fun to go to the Air & Space Museum out by Dulles to see the movie.
(if you're not familiar - the main Air & Space is in Washington, DC - the National Mall Museum - is about an hour from here. This is the one everyone knows -however, a few years ago they opened another out by Dulles Airport called the Udvar-Hazy Center to house all the stuff they can't display on the mall - obviously all those planes and space shuttles take up a lot of room and there is room to spare out here in Northern Virginia).
Anywho - i went to the website for Udvar-Hazy - saw the info on the IMAX theater there and decided to check out the times for the movie. Then on a whim i decided to visit the Fandango website to see where else it was playing. I was surprised it was going to be showing in our little theater in town called The Tally Ho . When we first moved here 10 years ago we saw a number of movies at this little theater, then it closed. It reopened it 2002 much to our delight. It's tiny but it's practically around the corner. And it only shows 2 movies at a time. In this age of multiplexes showing 20 features at a time its a little bit of yesteryear. Just wonderful. And the really great thing is that the first movie time was 11:30am. Perfect.
So not exactly breakfast with Harry - maybe brunch says it better. We drove downtown (total of 10 minutes - parked in the town lot - its free on Saturday!) - and walked to the theater. We sat down in the Duval Theater (that's for Robert Duval -yes that Robert Duval. He lives not far away in The Plains, VA I believe. We see him often in the newspaper - doing lots of fundraisers and such for the local hospital for example) and the movie began. We loved it. We are HUGE Harry Potter fans - and this one didn't disappoint (only thing i wish is that they could be even longer! I believe this book was the longest so i wished they could've included all the details. The first half hour was a compression of about 200 pages in the book!) All in all we were quite happy. If you plan on seeing it you won't be disappointed.
A few more ATC's i made for a few friends using my Purple Onion Designs stamps:


June Houck said...

I want to see Harry! Maybe next week... N E Wayz, love the girl in the ATCs.

Sue McGettigan said...

I'm a big ol' Robert Duval fan, he's something special. Super cute ATCs there Tracy, you know they crack me up!

Babsarella said...

Oh yes!!! Wasn't it GREAT??!! We saw it yesterday and LOVED it. How lucky to get right in. We were at the theater about 1.5 hours before it started so I could get the seats I wanted (I did), and were already had people in front of us. Love ally the cool creativity, but my FAVE is is the last ATC!! :0)

Will said...

Dinner with Christ and breakfast with Harry! You are swimming with in a huge pond girl!