Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Celebrate, Good Times, Come On!

Sometimes when I'm making cards, I'm totally thinking about the person I'm making the card for and... I start singing as I work. My bff is having an extra special day this week - and this card is to mark the occasion. I started pulling out stamps, finding the "Celebrate" word first (from Papertrey Ink - Think Big Favorites #13) and it got me singing that Kool & The Gang song. I know... i'm a little nuts. But it is a happy occasion and I just got all happy thinking about it so I started singin! The "Good Times" and "Come On" were created using Papertrey Ink alphabet dies (Polka Dot Parade and Smooth, respectively). And that last line - well that's computer generated and printed out on some cardstock.  I think it will make her crack up and that's what I'm going for - so mission accomplished. Thanks for stopping by.

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