Monday, December 31, 2007

Bye Bye 2007

hello 2008
I am sure i should be making some resolutions but they are always the same ones so I shall spare you.
We finished off the year here by going to the husbands family Christmas. Had a nice time. I promised you a look at the last gift card holder I made. Well, a few weeks before Christmas I decided I was going to make something to hold the gift card we were giving our niece. She is a special girl to us- and my husband's godchild (she is one of a set of triplets - the others are boys). I got her some hair bands and some earrings and a bookstore gift card. She's 11 and a reader and enjoys Nancy Drew. So I decided I'd start searching the antique stores in the area for an old Nancy Drew book. I have my own small collection of Nancy Drew (from my childhood) but I am not parting with mine just yet! I went up to The Old Lucketts Antique Store and had a wonderful time searching floor by floor and while I didn't come up with a Nancy - I did find a book that resembled a Nancy by the same author, Carolyn Keene. Then I set about making the book into a gift card holder. It didn't take that long to cut out the pages. I modpodged the pages together and it worked out great. The gift card as well as the hairbands and earrings all fit inside the book. My husband gave her the present and when she opened it he told her he was sure that she must have things she'd like to hide from those 5 brothers of hers - she made a huge smile.

We got home on Sunday afternoon and have been trying to catch up ever since.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to play with some of the things I received for Christmas. We shall see......
Happy New Year everyone!


June Houck said...

You are a cool aunt! I am sure she appreciates this mini treasure chest to hide things from her brothers :)

Jean said...

me and my buddy adore Nancy Drew!
I have a couple of lucly your neice is to have you!
Happy New Year!!!

Sue McGettigan said...

Oooh a secret compartment book - you are the bestest ever!!

Happy New Year!

cindy said...

Clever girl! I bet she loved it.

lauren said...

dear aunt tracy,

i have been a very VERY good girl so far alllllll this year! i have cleaned off my desk, and updated my calendars and address book and lifetime moments gallery, and even cooked supper one night! i love nancy drew!!! if anyone made me a cool treasure book with a secret compartment they would not even need to put a gift card or any presents inside!!! :)

ps: did i mention that YOU ARE INDEED the absolutely coolest aunt in the history of siblings with children??!??!!!