Friday, December 21, 2007

gift card christmas 2 - the sequel

okay first things first - my header magically appeared this morning - it had been cut off and I was saying a little prayer to the blogger gods they'd fix it and indeed they did. The picture is of moi at age 3 at Christmas time. Note the stockings in the background. (Yes, I still have mine.) Some of you may recognize this photo of me from an ATC I did a while back.
Okay. That's enough on that....
This morning I went to Greenberry's (the local coffee place) and met up with my good friend June.
(Lauren - there was a chocolate teacake in the vicinity.... I've been to Greenberry's a few times and never looked at the bakery items... why torture myself right? omigosh - June you should take a picture of that thing so Lauren can see it! )
We had a wonderful time catching up over coffee, didn't we June?

Okay so on to the cards!
It's Gift Card Christmas 2- the sequel. Starring 2 gift card holders!
I made this gift card holder for June. It's a little tip of the hat to our love of "Monk" and his hating the word Joy at this time of year. (I used some Basic Grey Fruitcake paper and the Joy is from that adorable Purple Onion Holidoodle Sentiment Set) as well as some Hero Arts alpha stamps for the shmoy.
I also made another gift card holder for another friend but I had to wait til it was received so I could post it.

Here's the whole thing - IN REALITY its a library pocket dressed up in holiday paper masquerading as a gift card holder! (I used an old Deluxe Cuts template to create the library pocket. Come to think of it I used another Deluxe cuts template to make June's gc holder....Isn't it funny how you may not have used something in a long while and all of a sudden you pull it out and say wow... this is pretty darn cool? Why haven't i used this in sooo long?)
Then there is an insert that holds the gift card. I pulled out the Happy Holidays stamp form a StampinUp set and used white embossing powder on that. Found a holly and berry eyelet and set that in the center of the circle.
I used a coffee cup stamp I've got and versamarked that and used some white chalk to color it. And i got out the sewing machine and made the pockets.
After the coffee I came home and got started on my baking. I baked most of the afternoon and into the evening. How thoughtful those television folks were to put on "White Christmas" again so I could listen (and watch) while I was baking - dontcha think?
I'll be back tomorrow to show you all the goodies.


Sue McGettigan said...

Totally adorable! Love the ATC with little Tracy (we had the same haircut at age 3 :), love the new topper (how typical of you to have a crayon in your hand even at that tender age), love the gift card holders - tres belle!

Anonymous said...

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Tracy said...

well adam brown whoever you are - no i don't need info on the abs diet.
it stinks you can't edit out these spam posts doesn't it?

lauren said...

i meant to say the other day how much i like the new header! (of course i liked the old one too!)

thank you very much for the vicarious chocolate teacake...altho...that MAY be why my jeans suddenly felt a bit tighter over the weekend! (maybe *I* will go look at that abs diet!) :) (ps: i b'ieve there IS a way to edit spam comments...i think you have to navigate a bit through the dashboard thingie?? i haven't had any spam yet...just a matter o'time i'm sure!)

the giftcard holders are AWESOME...when i saw the "joy" one (before i started reading your post) i SWEAR to you i thought, "bet that is JUNE's card"!!! :)

well, i am trying to make the rounds today and say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my lovely blogging friends, so without further ado i will say:

happy, HAPPY, *happy* day to you and your family! and thank you so much for making all this internet stuff such *FUN*!


cindy said...

Cute cute cute!

Will said...

As one of the recipients of that precious and wonderful and beautiful gift card holder I can say, "It's precious and wonderful and beautiful." Thank you so much for it-- I love it. I loved the bit of heaven I was able to drink on your behalf, but that jacket! I'll keept if forever and when I'm dead and gone my children will be cleaning out my office and run across this old jacket and say, "why did he keep that." They'll be really mad at their sentimental pack rat dad who kept everything because he fell in love with the sentiment of "it."