Saturday, December 15, 2007

A little less frazzle

No your eyes aren't deceiving you - my header (look up) is squashed - no, rather truncated. I can't even take credit - it's blogger. And I'm just waiting for the blogger people (sounds sorta like aliens doesn't it?) to figure it out. I'm not the only one. Initially I decided to switch out the original picture with another - sorta for the holidays - thinking if i uploaded a new photo it would fix the problem. Nah. didn't work. Even though it's annoying to look at I don't want to fix it - I want the aliens to see the problem so they can fix it.

And maybe while they're at it they can put my wreath back together! Yes... that's the wreath I posted the other day. What happened you ask? Yesterday morning I was looking out the front door. I stopped to look because the sun was shining in and it looked like it was going to be a lovely day (which it was). I was walking away from the door when I heard a strange noise - I went back to the door and opened it to find my wreath had completely come apart and dropped in pieces to the floor! I should have prefaced this all by saying my front door gets morning sun. Even in the winter, on a sunny day, the front hallway is warmed considerably by said sun. Also we have a glass storm door. The wreath was on the actual front door - sandwiched between the two doors. The sun melted the hot glue and voila - wreath in pieces. I guess it hadn't happened sooner because we have had so many miserable dark and cold days since I put the wreath up! Anyway, I picked up all the pieces and went downstairs to the storage room and pulled out a previous years wreath.
Can't decide if I'm going to reassemble this one.

Anyway. Ze 12 days are definitely in full swing. I've shopped 2 days in a row. I still have some serious shopping left to do but I've made progress.

While I was out wandering about I got to thinking about in years past I would be absolutely crazed with lists and shopping and trying to find certain gifts. My first introduction to Ebay years ago was due to the fact certain Pokemon items my daughter desired were just plain not available in stores. I can remember my absolute joy in finding particular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle items that my son was hoping to find under the tree. This year no one has any "must have" items. I have no scathingly brilliant present ideas - I usually get one brainstorm of an idea for a gift for someone (last year's was my husbands Photo-opoly game). I did pick up 4 blankets yesterday - more like 'throws' - because it's sort of a joke around here. Stealing blankets. This time of year it's cold in the house and when we watch tv at night we all like to wrap ourselves up in a blanket. There are two blankets for this purpose which are constantly being stolen from the last user and can be found where the current user is watching tv. I decided enough with those 2 ratty-need-to-be-replaced blankets. Now everyone will have their own blanket (and woe to anyone snitching someone elses blanket!) But - blankets... not a big Kodak moment on Christmas morning you know what I mean?

So like I said I was wandering about in a store yesterday and having these thoughts and realized time has definitely marched on. But really it's not so bad - I'm not totally crazed. I know it will all get done. I'll bake cookies next week and wrap presents and I won't be so frazzled and need to stay up all Christmas Eve (which was practically a tradition - one that left theee darkest circles under my eyes and a crabby attitude along with them). And maybe I'll even get to wrap those presents just the way I'd like to instead of just getting them done. And we're already planning which movie(s) we'll go see over Christmas when we're all together. And that's the part I'm looking forward to most - the all together part.

I hope your holidays are leaving you feeling a little less frazzled.

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