Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Damask: take two

I wish i knew how to get rid of the black background on my little scan of this stocking but you still get the idea I guess. That's the wonderful damask stamp from Purple Onion Designs again. I used what I had leftover from stamping that whole sheet of cardstock with the Damask stamp to cut out this stocking. (it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....). I stamped the Noel using more Purple Onion stamps - the Great Circus alpha - and clear embossed it. Then I added some more of that german scrap i i used the other day -but this time I didn't change the color with ep.
Guess what it's doing outside here in Virginia?
YUP - it's snowing! Yeah, it's lookin a lot more like Christmas now!


Janet said...

When you put your item down on the scanner lay a piece of white paper over it and you won't have the black background.

The stocking is lovely....with or without the black background.

tina said...

Tracy, this is a great little stocking. I see that stamp creating more great things in your future! :)

Babsarella said...

Yep, ditto what Janet said about the scanner, but maybe some pretty sheet music or patterned paper would look really pretty! Love this beautious stocking. I would love to be stamping with my pretty damask stamp. Gotta remember to check around in the backyard to see if there may be pieces around (wink wink). Please make more lovely things so you can tease me!!

Tracy said...

thanks on the ideas - you know i've put something else in the background of the scanner for other things and i just didnt think of it this time. Music would be pretty miss B.
i was really thinking of some photoshoppy thing where i could just take out the black kwim? thanks!

June Houck said...

I am in love with that damask stamp. It looks so velvety (is that a word????) This is GORGEOUS!!!