Wednesday, June 06, 2007

still making birthday cards

another one which is presently on its way to its destination. i hope she likes it.
same scallop & oval punches.
this time wee cupcake drawn on vellum, colored with prismacolors.
Let's see - anything else for today?
Ah yes.
We watched a very good movie (video on demand - very handy that) on Saturday nite which I forgot to mention.
The Good Shepherd with Matt Damon. I don't remember much hype for it when it first came out. After we watched the movie we thought - what a shame.
Wonderful movie. Although it was long, it really had us going from the very beginning.
Oh and a frivolous little mini-series that I'm thoroughly enjoying thus far : The Starter Wife on USA. Originally hadn't planned on watching and decided why not see what its like. I loved it! The premiere was 2 hours. I believe there are 4 more 1 hour episodes to be shown. If you didnt get to see it - i believe they're reshowing the premiere on Thursday maybe 5-7pm (check your local listings :-)) and then the next installment is on Thursday nite at 9pm. It's just fun mostly (here and there a little sad but mostly fun and entertaining). Oh - if your connection allows it - you can always watch episodes online.
i have some more cards i've made but i'm saving them for tomorrow :-) I need to do some other things so i'm outta here.

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Hmmm...may have to check that out!