Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another one with ze scallop

i know i'm a little fixated on this punch but i like it so i'm a gonna use it.
It's such a classic design element.
I know it's very popular right now but really scallops (on circles, ovals, rectangles, and squares) have been around for a long time, right?
And in my case, they're not going away.
Okay. So the other day I mentioned I had two of my sweet card makin friends over for a visit. My dear friends June (hi June!) and Mary (hi Mary!).
Each of us brought an idea for our little get together - so we could actually make something whilst we gabbed.
June brought some adorable Bazzill chips - I'm still working on making a card with mine that does that cute thing justice.
And Mary brought a very cute card -we used a very clever tool by StampinUp! -the mat pack which has a paper piercing template - something i initially would've thought silly to purchase but i think i need one now. it made the piercing so quick and perfectly lined up - worth the $.
Any-who... Mary also brought some delicious little bundt cakes for us to eat. And I decided I would make her a little thank you. I used that scallop oval punch and the corresponding plain oval. I drew the little bundt cake on vellum and colored it with prismacolor pencils and mcpt'd it. I punched out the drawing using that plain oval as well. I wrote the sentiment and cut it out (using my trimmer and and my scissors). Then i curled it with my fingers and used pop dots to keep that curl when i attached it to the card. I also machine stitched all around the patterned paper.
Okay i'm off to finish up some more cards and maybe work in some Suzy stuff today. It's hard fitting in the scrapbooking when i have a lot of cards to do. June is a big month around here - Father's day, both the dh and the ds have birthdays not to mention the fil.
Have a good one!


June Houck said...

Mary will love this card. It's so darn cute! I'm gonna have to use that scallop punch of yours.
I love your handwriting on your cards too. Your cursive is lovely!

Will said...

If I even attempted to draw a bundt cake it would look like a bundt cake after it's fate was met by the 500 pound woman who sat on it while taking a break from her circus act. You amaze me, jaw drop amaze me.