Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm pooped

It's been a busy but productive day. I thought i'd stop in before i go grab a quick nap.
First off - i finally got my car fixed and inspected.
YEAH! (the crowd cheers and its deafening!)
I waited for a call this morning from the repair place - they called around 10:30 and said yes we now have the parts so come on over.
You don't have to tell me twice. They took care of it and in no time i was headed down to the gas station where we do our inspections (yes. that's how they do it in Virginia. crazy) Of course after i maneuvered past the 4 cars waiting for emissions testing there was only one car in the inspection line - with a sign on the back that said "Last car before Lunch Break". sigh
I went home for an hour and then the daughter and I headed out to get a few things done.
Dropped her off at Michaels hair place - she was in desperate need of a haircut. And then i headed down the street to the gas station. (Daughter would walk down to the station when she was done.)
This time there are 4 cars in the inspection line and the emissions lane was closed. A sign for that said "Emission machine down". I thought - good thing i don't need emissions this year! So i get in line (if you could only see the line - its on the side of the gas station which is situated on the corner of a very busy intersection in town. You say a little prayer your car isn't gonna get hit by either the traffic - cos the butt of your car is sticking out into traffic - or by someone inside the perimeter of the gas station. good times.)
The line moved fairly quickly - but considering it was 93 degrees and NOT in the shade - i was feeling a tad toasty. Yes, I turn off the car while i wait. (of course the guy in the very large SUV 2 cars back kept his running - yegods man have you heard of the ozone?)
I had my washington post style section with me - and today there were 2 crosswords so even with the heat i was distracted.
The car ahead of me had reached the miracle yellow line - means you're up next. The guy goes over to her car - she gets out - and he takes it and I move up. Then i see the guy come back out, go get the girl and i hear him saying "you don't need an inspection - you need emissions."
I thought that poor girl - she'd been waiting a bit longer than me (with her car off).
When the guy came over to me - MY TURN - he said the girl didn't read or speak English well so she had no idea what that sign said.
My turn lasted less than 10 minutes and i was paying my fee and up walks the daughter - can it get any better than this? i don't think so!
We headed off to Target - picked up the things we needed and we headed home - as Babar says "happy with our purchases".
I finished a little album i made for my husband for his birthday tomorrow- check it out
And today is my son's birthday - 21. impossible to believe. He won't be home today - but we'll see him on Thursday. Here's a card i made for him - i wanted to try and make some faux postage for the stamping event they were having over at 2peas all weekend. I hadn't done any faux in a while so i thought why not. It got a little busy with the words but yaknow - he won't care. And i had fun making it - I got to use this wonderful stamp Sue - ozzigirl gave me a while back - the postage cancellation that has my son's birthdate on it - so i was really happy. Sue you're a peach and I love this stamp! can't wait to use it on something for the daughter as her name is right there too!


June Houck said...

I've been wanting to pull out my faux postage too. Great minds, huh? It has been at least five years since I did Faux Po.

Anonymous said...

I think Sue and I were shopping from the same bin at the stamping convention, because I have that stamp too--so much fun, especially if there's an Elizabeth in your life, eh?

Babsarella said...

GREAT DAY FOR YOU!!! Love it when things come together!!! Love the great card too. How perfect is that stamp for you??!! Looking forward to seeing the gift you may your husband.

Jean said...

Congratulations and an adorable postal creation!!! You are really something!

and... You must be so proud!!!


Linda M said...

This is a perfect card. So original!

Sue McGettigan said...

I'm so tickled to see the stamp getting such PERFECT use, and LOL - 'anonymous' must be Penny :)

BTW did you know I love Babar too??