Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's late and i should be in bed

but when did that ever stop me.
I thought I'd just drop in here and say i appreciate all the kind comments. I feel pretty good about posting my drawings now. Way back when, I started this blog just for that purpose. I have gotten braver along the way by posting other things i make but the drawings have taken a while to be posted. Perhaps cos the drawing is so close to my heart.
Anyway - i appreciate your encouragement.
Onward - we just watched a little movie - Miss Potter. About the life of Beatrix Potter. The movie started out a little flakey. I thought - are they going to make her seem like a total crazy woman? If you rent it you'll see what I mean. But after the first 10 minutes or so into the movie, it settled in nicely telling her story. She was pretty amazing for a woman of her day. Very ahead of her time. And she was quite an artist. It's a sweet movie and i would venture most people don't know a lot about her life. If you're at all inclined, rent it. It's very enjoyable - for the scenery alone. Ah - i dream of living in such a place. Absolutely gorgeous countryside to be seen in that movie. I hope to go there one day to see it for myself.


June Houck said...

Have you seen this book on Beatrix Potter?
Beatrix Potter: A Journal by Beatrix Potter

I gave it to Kaye for her b-day. It is like a scrapbbook, complete with tags, pockets, mini books. A true memory album, but loaded with scrapbooking ideas. She was way ahead of her time.

Will said...

I love the drawings, totally. I'm just amazed by people who can draw and when you call THIS out of a pencil? Holy Cow!

My drawings all look like they've been faxed through a fun house mirror. You have to squint...tilt your head...and say, "'s a stick figure! I get it now."

Babsarella said...

But of course you saw it...SO DID I!!! TODAY!! Oh and I LOVED it. Just the perfect movie to offset all the heavy dramas I have been renting lately. I think I may even purchase it, definitely the kind of movie I would watch over and over again (can you tell how much I liked it). So...what movie are we watching next?

Jean said...

you are a great draw-er!

and I look forward to seeing that movie. I have been seeking out fantasy movies lately--not sure why. Fairy movies. That is what I have been researching on amazon! It must be my summer vacation state of mind!