Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

I posted an ATC I'd made yesterday about my Dad. I think about him every day so everyday is father's day in my heart.
Today I thought I'd post a card I made for my husband. The father of my children.
We seem to be a little nostalgic of late - my husband and me.
Our kids are getting older. I'm sure that's the reason.
Anyway I decided I would use a few photos of our kids - when they were babies.

The one photo on the right is a little dark - so you may not be able to see it too well. But i chose both of these 'cos I wanted the pictures to be ones in which he's playing with them. I have vivid memories of him playing with both of our kids.
(Actually he'll play with all kids if you give him an opportunity - he's really just a big kid himself. Thank goodness we have so many nieces and nephews so he can get a kid fix.)
No matter how tired he was when he'd come home - he would always play with them. He has and did have infinite patience. I remember one incident in particular. Our son was a very colicky baby. The child screamed for hours on end in the early months. My husband would get home and I would have had it. He would take our son and just walk him and talk to him. This particular time I'm thinking of we had the television on in the background. Some beauty pageant was on - Miss America or Miss Universe. Anyway, my husband had our son in his arms and was walking up and down the hallway - sort of half listening to the program. Taking a peek when he'd reach the end of the room where the TV was situated. Anyway our son had finally calmed down but my husband didn't dare stop walking. They were introducing contestants (lets say it was Miss Venezuela... i don't know who it was now - it coulda been any one of them). The announcer said "here's Miss Venezuela" and my son just screamed. My husband just kept walking and said something like "well okay now. if you don't like her all you had to do was say so..." and it was just so funny.
So the card is for him to remember that "then and now" he's a wonderful father. There is no more walking the hallway - but there is chauffering a daughter, and talking via cellphone with a son who is away at school about all kinds of issues. And there are silly things like watching a tv show together (in case you weren't aware - The 4400 - is on tonite. I know where my husband and daughter will be - sitting on the couch - watching together. It is their very favorite show. And its cute as can be to watch them watching together.)
I hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day.


Donna said...

What a sweet, sweet story. Joe really is an amazing man. So patient and kind.

June Houck said...

Tracy, how wonderful! I love this blog entry...both your written memories as well as the photo card. I like the "then & now font". Which font is it?

Jean said...

you just cracked me up. how wonderful he is!

Babsarella said...

Love the photos your comments!!! Hope Joe hd a MOST WONDERFUL Father's day!!!

Linda M said...

This is so sweet. Never knew your DH was so handsome, but he had to be to win you, right???

Linda M said...

Oh, and I loved the story about Miss whoever...