Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I was in need of a piece of bristol paper yesterday for another
project so i went to my closet where i keep my paper and pulled out that pad of paper.
And i discovered this drawing i'd done a few years ago.
I was very enamored with quilts at the time.
Heck i still am
Quilt patterns fascinate me
as does all pattern
(why i love all the scrapbooking paper)
Anyway i thought i would share this drawing with you.
I used prismacolor pencils.
And yes, its unfinished.
Note the few blades of grass at the top I'd left undone.
I'm not sure I will finish it.
I'm thinking i kinda like it as it is


Babsarella said...

WOW WOW WOW!!! This drawing is INCREDIBLE!!! The shading is just perfection!!! Love the geometric design and the wonderful colors too.

Jean said...

this is enchanting. I can't think for any other word for it. well, maybe magical.

michelle infantino said...

i second barbara's wow, wow, wow!

i like it the way it is. adds character.

June Houck said...

I thought you had scanned a picture of a pillow at first. You are so very talented. Finish it, please, then scrapbook it and frame it!

Donna said...

Well, you know how much I love this. It's absolutely amazing to me. I'd give anything to be capable of such fabulous work. AWESOME! Yes. It deserves the word.

MyRDreams said...

You sure can draw. This is beautiful. You are a true arteeest!!!

tina said...

OMG- this is amazing, the detail in the grass- and that little flower in the right-hand corner is my favorite little touch. I like it as-is, shows your process.

Annie Frazer said...

Another WOW oh WOW oh WOW. Get that sketch book out and keep going.