Tuesday, May 31, 2005

ok i've done that

i was busy this weekend working on a some scrapbook pages about our little baseball excursion (see may 15th's entry) and was happily working away. after the initial ideas came and i started arranging the photos, figuring out where to put the tickets and memorabilia, stitching down the ticking (which had that baseball pinstipe look i was going for) it was really the mechanics of getting it all tacked down... and my mind started wandering to the next thing. I wasn't finished with this layout - i had the journaling going on my computer - and i had such a time staying focused on what i was doing - because thoughts of another project started filtering into my brain. I was wondering this morning if anyone else has this problem. Actually it worked for me this time- as it gave me the impetus i needed to get these pages finished so i could get to the next thing... But this happens to me a lot. My brain says ... ok.. you've done that... now what about this! And those thoughts - the new thing - whatever it might be -- haunt me. It just won't go away until i have done something with it. It helps the congestion in my brain to jot down the idea - maybe do a little drawing in my sketchbook - then the idea isn't everpresent til i do something real with it... but that idea still floats around in my head until i've used it.

So now you know.. i'm certifiable - right?

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