Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Frosted Flake

ok so now i'm posting all kinds o'crap and not saying a whole lot. But things have been a wee bit busy. Bear with me....
Taught a class last nite at work - which would have gone a whole lot better if i'd arrived at my usual time. Normally i like to get there an hour before, set things up, have a little time to think about what i'm teaching. Go over my notes - that kinda thing.
Last nite however my 20 minute ride to work turned into an hour ride to work. While i was sitting in my car i thought maybe this is just evil Northern Virginia traffic.... which we do indeed have. But even though this is one of the fastest growing counties in the country - the EVIL traffic is in the county next door (slowly making its way here but i digress). No it was an accident or two or three. I stopped counting. I felt very sorry for these poor people - who the heck wants an accident (certainly not on the way home - it was about 6:45pm). I definitely felt for the woman who pulled over on the side of the road - as i passed her i realized why she'd pulled over. she went to the rear passenger side and took a little girl out - maybe 3 or 4 - used both doors to shield her from the traffic - and assisted her in pulling down her pants - i presumed a potty was much too far away.
I finally arrived at work - with 15 minutes before the class started. Not good. I hurried around and got everything set up but.... no time for thinking, contemplating WHATEVER it is i need. I guess some might call it meditation? ANYWHO... it took me about 15-20 minutes into my class to get into my groove... poor students. I'm sure they thought for that first part of the class - what a flake. And a frosted (hair) flake at that.
Really it went ok. One of my friends - June- who also teaches at the store - took the class. She wanted to make the project - a really nice Graduation tag book - lovely design. Anyway June told me today - godluvver- that it was a great class. I guess she likes frosted flakes.
And speaking of flakes....
I'm mentioning to my husband the other day that i hadn't received something i ordered - a book - and i was disappointed it hadn't arrived. He said you didn't get the book? She didnt give it to you? I said I think we're not talking about the same thing here. He started to laugh and said-- did our daughter give you a book for Mother's Day or not? I looked at him -then replied "what book?" He smiled and said we got you a book and apparently she never gave it to you.

The flake, apparently, doesn't fall far from the tree.

So on Sunday we're getting ready to leave for the metro station (about an hour drive) to go to the baseball game. Elizabeth is asking if she should bring a book (not knowing how long of an adventure we had) - I said definitely. Then i said, while smiling at my husband, GEEE I wish I had a book to read! Then i left the room (within earshot of course). I hear my husband talking to Eliz, saying i guess you didnt give her the book. She says something like - didn't we? i thought we did. Then off she goes in search of where she'd left my gift.

My sweet little flake of a daughter. She found my book. There are times when this flakiness is exasperating. But she's like the nutty professor - seemingly ditsy but quite brilliant. Her mind is on loftier things i suppose. Plenty of time to get serious as she gets older I think. And hey - i still got my book. Sort of an extended Mother's Day.

The book is wonderful by the way. I love Rita Mae Brown and the book is her latest, co-authored by her cat - Sneaky Pie Brown - the title "Cat's Eyewitness - A Mrs. Murphy Mystery". These little mysteries are just so fun - characters are a hoot and have Rita Mae's usual wit. If you're not familiar with Rita Mae or Sneaky Pie - do yourself a favor and read one. Very fun - not serious at all. Rita Mae's got plenty of those under her own title (sans Sneaky Pie) - also great reading.
And now.. i've blabbered enough for one day

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Christa H. said...

ROTF! Frosted Flakes live in NC too..LOL...we even have a chart posted inside a kitchen cabinet so when Helen says something so nutso w/ thinking, we write it wouldn't believe the stuff she has said...we just roll..
glad you got your book...I think Helen used to read some of those books.
Bill got me that American Tag eyelet setter thingy for Mother's Day and forgot to give it to me..sat in our I just took it LOL