Sunday, May 15, 2005

Take me out to the ballgame

well here's what we did today - took in a ball game! Drove out to the metro station and had a fun ride into DC right to the ballpark. We met Joe's family there: Joe's Aunt Dot came from the Baltimore area with a friend; Joe's Dad drove from Delaware to Maryland to meet up with Joe's brother and the triplets; and Joe's sister and husband came from Rhode Island and one of their sons came in from Michigan. Quite a many-state-d event but that's how it is with this family. We had a great time too. The weather, while overcast, was really nice - cool but not cold. We had seats in the box area and then way up at the top. After an initial venture by the men to the box area - they decided to join us up in the seats way at the top - i guess they missed us :-) It worked out nicely that there were enough empty seats at the top to work it all out. It was nice catching up with everyone and being at a game for the 1st season of this new team. Everyone was up for it. There were quite a lot of Cubs fans at that game too! But, in the end, the Nationals won. The trip back on the metro was a little crazy - so many trains running and one had a problem. We went back and forth a little but eventually we got back to Virginia. A really nice relaxing day.

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Christa H. said...

Oh what fun!!! I have been to a couple Redskin games there as a child!! Cool!